A Gift For You, A Gift For Them
Together, Let’s Build a Bright Future for These Children

Think back to your Childhood….

What was your favorite part about going to school?

Perhaps, the classroom was a place to expand your imagination, inspire creativity or peak your curiosity.

Or maybe you loved going to school because your quest for knowledge was insatiable.

And even if you didn’t love school, you probably loved the community and friendships you made.

For me, school was an opportunity to laugh, play and discover my bigger purpose. It was a place to overcome some of my biggest hurdles and provided me with the opportunity to think bigger, to show up and to make my dreams become a reality.

Without this opportunity, I can honestly say that I would have never become a jewelry designer or an entrepreneur.

How did your school experience shape you?

So, I want to ask you...

What would life be like without the opportunity to go to school:
to learn, to expand your imagination, to tap into your creativity?

Perhaps you wouldn’t have:

  • Learned how to read…
  • Fallen in love with your partner or husband……
  • Met your best friend…
  • Tapped into your talent for football or volleyball…
  • Discovered your passion for Renaissance Art or Anthropology..
  • Traveled the world at Semester at Sea…


All of these experiences are life-changing…

Yet so many don’t ever have the opportunity to learn something so basic, like how to read.

Pretty bleak, right?

The truth is many children will never have this opportunity.

Earlier this year, I felt a calling…..to find a way to give back to a charity that was in alignment with what I value most, the gift of education.

My friends, our opportunity for formal education is often taken for granted by all of us. We have an incredible opportunity! But not everyone in the world does….


Here’s why I LOVE World Teacher Aid:

100% of all donations are sent directly to the schools

All staff and admins are volunteers

WTA was started by a fellow Entrepreneur, Stu McLaren and his wife, Amy

WTA schools are making a HUGE impact in displaced communities in Kenya

WTA has provided the gift of education to thousands of children

Education is something I’m wildly passionate about because it offers an opportunity for each and every one of us to imagine and create something BIGGER for ourselves.

In fact, I’m so passionate about education that I started Flourish & Thrive Academy to teach emerging jewelry designers how to create desire and demand for their brand and avoid the pitfalls and challenges they might face starting a business.

For the past few years, I’ve been soul-searching to connect with a charity to align with to give back in a bigger way..

Even though I’ve researched countless charities, nothing totally resonated until I found World Teacher Aid.


That’s why….

I’ve committed to building the Arts and Crafts Classroom of our Elite School in Kenya.

The total investment to travel to Kenya to help build and sponsor the classroom is $16,500.

I’d LOVE to invite you to help me build the school in Kenya.

So, I’m hosting a RAFFLE Contest and Fundraiser to fund this DREAM and make an incredible difference giving back.


My Goal is $16,500

100% of the donation goes to World Teacher Aid

I’ll be donating the cost of materials and Labor for all of the jewelry in the Raffle.

In October of 2017, I’ll be going to Kenya to meet the children and students of the classroom we build together.

Join me on this journey.

The Raffle will be held on (or around) November 15th.
The Winners will be announced.
Jewelry will be shipped on or before December 15th.

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