Yoga saved my life and it can save yours too...

I barely remember what my life was like before yoga, honestly. I was a wreck, stressed out and angry about it. I didn’t like who I was in those moments.

Yoga transformed the way I act and look at the world. Practicing gave me the tools to deal with just about anything that life throws at me.

TracyMatthews_yogaMy journey started in 1995 practicing Bikram and Hatha yoga. But it wasn’t until 1998 when I found Ashtanga Yoga, that I was truly transformed. I was hooked on its power, strength and ability calm my mind.

With the desire to deepen my practice, I took my first teacher training (2002) under the guidance of my then teacher, Clayton Horton. Originally, teaching was not in my plan. However, after I taught my first class, I felt so comfortable teaching that I was hooked. I couldn’t help but want to share and deepen my practice with others.

Over the years, I apprenticed with many famous teachers who helped shape my teaching style. I spent all of 2004 working with Rusty Wells and learning the art of teaching powerful Vinyasa classes. Additionally, I have taken trainings and gone on retreats with Ashley Albrand, Dharma Mittra, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Rodney Yee, David Life and Sharon Gannon, Dharma Mittra, Patricia Walden, Tias Little, Jai Uttal, Ana Forrest, Seane Corne and Tim Miller.

Teaching yoga was my passion for many years…

When the Universe speaks, I try my best to listen. That’s just what happened in 2013, I was praying for guidance about my next steps and I heard a resounding, it’s time to move on.

The message came in the form of a debilitating injury during my favorite dance class which put me out of commission for months.

I realized I am still a teacher, but my teachings of yogic principles are now taught in my business platform at Flourish & Thrive Academy.

Teaching yoga will always be a defining experience for me and I continue to use the practice to connect on a deeper level with my jewelry clients and my jewelry business students.

I have been a student of Tracy Matthews for about 5 years, and I can honestly say I have never once left her class not feeling richer, more joyful, more inspired, more at peace and more alive than when I arrived. Tracy somehow manages to always keep things challenging and inspiring and satisfying, and like the taste of MORE. I always learn something from Tracy, whether it’s a new posture, or a new way to approach an old posture, or a new way to look at life, or a new way to look at myself. She is a beautiful person on the inside and out, and this generosity of heart and spirit spills over into her teaching, as does her love for yoga and for life and for her students. And best of all, her class is seriously kick-ass and pushes me to up my game, and makes me fall in love with yoga all over again, every single time.