Yoga Testimonials

You will not recognize my name but I am the one who has been front and center in your Thursday night classes at 54th for the past four years. When I first starting doing yoga, your class was one of the first ones I attended. As with you, it has made a huge difference for me. I just wanted to thank you and wish you good luck.

“Tracy’s cheerful and optimistic attitude coupled with a wonderful atmosphere (and awesome, eclectic music) create a balanced and comfortable yoga experience for all levels.”

Her Vinyasa flow class will challenge you with some fun poses as well so be prepared to sweat!
– Jenny
Tracy is an inspired yogi and jewelry designer. Her work is deeply rooted in spirit, love, wisdom and inspiration.
– Lori

“Tracy’s presence in class is encouraging, warm, and most important, non-intimidating.”

Tracy always begins her class with breathing and “checking in”, actually stopping to listen to ourselves instead of go thru the motions. She always gives some kind of wonderful quote for us to marinate on, as well. Tracy’s presence in class is encouraging, warm, and most important, non-intimidating. I was so humbled doing my first yoga class with her, after being so weak, especially because I too was a yoga instructor! But she made everyone (brand new and old) feel that they were all special and in the right place. She keeps a discrete yet watchful eye on those who are new, so they feel safe and accepted. I hope you can recognize the importance of Tracy in Equinox’s schedule. She’s a jewel. And if you haven’t taken, try! You, too, will be a Tracy addict!
– Shaina
Yoga can be intimidating to the newcomer, and Tracy ensures that her class is a welcoming atmosphere for all to learn, but it is also challenging for the more advanced student. She is always well prepared and her classes flow seamlessly from start to finish.
– Melissa

“Tracy is a true yogini.”

I have been attending Tracy Matthews’ yoga classes for as long as she has been teaching at Equinox. I have continued to frequent Tracy’s classes over the years for a number of reasons: 1) Tracy is a true yogini. The way that she runs her class, from start to finish, the integrity of yoga is conveyed even in the urban setting of a New York City gym. 2) My practice grows with Tracy. Her classes are both challenging and confidence-boosting. 3) Tracy is committed to the cause. I feel that she is always available and present to help out the students, before, during, and after class.
– Briana

“Throughout the years, I have attended other yoga teachers’ classes and find Tracy’s to be one of the best.”

I appreciate that Tracy is open-minded and spiritual, but never preachy. She always encourages her students to find his/her own path through the practice. And, unlike some other teachers, I find that Tracy is truly teaching out of service to her students. She is always respectful, generous and present of the needs of the class.
– Nancy
I do want you to know that you have made a great impact on me in the only-two classes I have taken with you. For one, your classes are tough and fast. I like this. Additionally, your music selection is superb. In both classes you have played “In the Sun” and “Let Down” and today—“Asleep” for Shavasana? Brilliant. Brought tears to my eyes. And, probably most importantly, you incorporate poses that I have never tried before, making the classes unpredictable and fun. I have taken a number of Vinyasa classes, both at and outside of Equinox, but your seemingly spontaneous flow keeps me on my toes (literally) and reinforces that there is still so, so much I have yet to learn about the practice. You always give thanks to the Teacher during meditation at the end of class. I am thankful now to have the opportunity to do the same.
– Jamie

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your yoga class!!”

I’ve been practicing for over a year now and I can’t believe how much I have progressed. I remember talking to you at one of my first classes and I was so discouraged…but you encouraged me to stick with it; that my practice will get better. I really appreciate your patience and continued encouragement over the last year or so. YOU WERE RIGHT! And I owe a lot of praise to you! Your classes/instruction continue to be the best at Equinox. You keep them challenging, fun and interesting. So thank you Tracy. Look forward to continuing to improve my practice and practicing with YOU! Namaste!
– Catherine
The environment Tracy creates within her class allows its spiritual benefits to be fully achieved. Tracy does a wonderful job of focusing students on breathing and awareness of body through encouragement and a non-judgmental atmosphere. I see many of the same students in her class each week and believe that many return because of the atmosphere she creates.
– Dave
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your yoga class. I love your inspirational stories/quotes in the beginning and end of each class… and I always feel like I get such a great workout! I love the total connection I now feel with my mind and body – your class makes so many of the difficult yoga poses seem attainable. I love coming to your classes and, as you know, often try to coordinate my schedule around when/where you’re teaching!
– Erin
Tracy’s class is always a solid hour of flow and alignment that gets me the yoga practice I need during the week. When I need to practice, I can count on Tracy to deliver a good class.
– Anonymous
Your classes are an essential part of my weekly fitness routine. I try to take them as much as possible especially at the end of the day when I need someone to help me focus. I am devoted to your intermediate/advanced level classes as well as the slow flow class. Not only do I find myself learning so much but am also challenging myself which takes me to the next level. I am all about moving forward and progressing and your classes definitely is a big part of that. I also love the way you teach and your voice. When I find myself struggling with a pose, your calm voice brings me to the middle ground where I’m neither too tight or too loose. I also enjoy the readings in the beginning of every class. They bring me positive thoughts and what’s important in life and to have more compassion for myself and others. Thanks for being a great teacher!
– Kirsten
Tracy is one of my favorite yoga teachers for many reasons, as listed below: I look at her schedule and do my best to attend her class at least once a week. I particularly enjoy the level 2 class at Brooklyn Heights on Saturdays, and I’ll make it a point to take her Friday class at 19th or SoHo if I know I can’t make it on Saturday. 1) It’s clear she knows what she’s doing. Sequences are creative and her class flows very smoothly. She never loses her place or does more on one side than the other- which I’ve seen happen with other instructors. 2) Her class is challenging and not boring, yet accessible to people at different levels. She gives options for making it easier or harder and encourages people to listen to their bodies. 3) She does a little extra to make the class personal and foster a sense of community- like a reading or sharing a personal story. Her class is more like yoga studio yoga vs. gym yoga. 4) She plays great music. My practice has grown a lot because of her instruction, and I enjoy being in her class and experiencing her friendliness, encouragement, and positive attitude.
– Melissa