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My Favorite Accessory Trends From NYFW Spring 2014

I know that for the most part taking note of all the amazing outfits perfectly put together for New York Fashion Week is every girl’s favorite part to watch, but of course for me what I’m always in love with is the jewelry that ties together the whole outfit. The accessory trends on the runways… Read More »

Non-Cheesy OM

OM Pendants As some of you know, I have been a long time practitioner and teacher of yoga. For years, I have wavered with the idea of creating jewelry that represented my yoga practice. Should I? Shouldn’t I? You see, I love and create classy, personal jewelry and I always resisted because I know that… Read More »


Grace- the word has many meanings: divine intervention flowing through a being, elegance or beauty, a favor of goodwill- and the list goes on. Grace (aka Graceland) is also the name of my aunt’s sweet black lab. I am writing about Grace today as part of my commitment to 21.5.800– I agreed to write 800… Read More »

Its the Simple Things

Recently, I joined this- we’ll call it a movement- called 21.5.800, started by Bindu Wiles. I first heard of Bindu from my friend Kate Northrup via her newsletter and her new project called Glimpse TV. I was inspired to take on the project because, even though I have the intention, my commitment to writing my… Read More »

All You Need is (to) Love

As a yoga teacher, I spend a lot of time reading- finding inspiration to share with my students. Recently, I was introduced to an author and psychotherapist named David Richo, and started reading his book The Five Things We Cannot Change….and the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them (2006). With simple thoughtful words, David Richo,… Read More »

Get Unstuck

As an avid reader, I am always trying to find interesting books to share with my students.  I have so many that are my favorites.  I just started reading a new book by Anneli Rufus called Stuck: Why we can’t or won’t move on. This book is a social commentary on the “things” that make… Read More »

Thank You

Originally Published February 13, 2008 Gratitude is one of those words that you hear a lot of these days.  Even though it is a word that that most of us use one a daily basis, it can often be difficult for us to focus on feeling grateful for the “seemingly” negative experiences that we have… Read More »