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Anniversary Gifts

What to wear with Emerald Green Earrings for Spring

February can be such a dreary month, everything is grey and sometimes you need a reminder of just how fabulous life can be. For me, that reminder often comes in the form of going out to dinner or something fun with my friends. On those nights, sometimes the best part can be getting ready. So…

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How does it work anyway?

I just love connecting with other entrepreneurs. That’s why it makes sense that recently I joined a Mastermind group of female entreprenuers. The other day…

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Check out what I have been working on

People are always asking me what I am doing all day since I have been designing only commissioned pieces. It’s awesome working directly with clients to manifest their vision (stay tuned and you will see some of the amazing pieces that I have created for some luckies). Its true, I get a little restless since…

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Heirloom Unworn to Gorgeous Reborn

Heirloom and Diamond Ring I love this ring!  From generation to generation, heirloom stones and jewelry are passed along from mothers to daughters, from grandmothers to grandchildren.  Let’s face it- sometimes what was in style in 1965 is super cool but possibly less than functional in 2010.  So what do you do when you’ve been…

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