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My Favorite People

My Favorite Couple Volume 10: Tyler and Kelly

Earlier this Spring, I received an inquiry email from an adorable woman named Kelly. Following my usual process, I scheduled a phone call with her to talk about the potential to design her perfect engagement ring. Immediately, I loved her and I knew I had to design her engagement ring. I could tell she was…

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My Favorite Couple Volume 8: Stephanie and Matt

My favorite part of the custom jewelry design process is getting to know my clients. Yes, I am a sucker for good love stories. Each story is so different and I am excited to share my latest Favorite Couple, Stephanie and Matt.

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My Newest Favorite Couple – Nathalie and Robin

Nathalie and Robin have a simple but cute story. Both were university students when they met on a grocery shuttle in 2004. Nathalie had her nose deep in her computer science notes with no makeup and her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Robin thought she was hot so he sat down next to her.…

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Perfectly Imperfect-My Favorite People Volume 3

OK, I know what you are thinking-this couple is gorgeous so how could I describe them as “perfectly imperfect?” Well, there is a good explanation, but one that is part of the story of Jen and Mike, so you’ll have to keep reading on. Jen was a client of mine back in my San Francisco…

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Leap of Faith – My Favorite People, Volume 2

I am ecstatic to introduce my newest favorite couple, Evan and Brenna. I met the adorable couple over email at the end of last summer when my friend, Tricia, referred them to me. Sometimes it just takes a little faith that things are working for you in life, kinda like what happened for my adorable…

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My Favorite People – Volume 1

I love my clients! So much so that I am starting a new series about some of my favorite couples and clients that I have worked with. When I switched my business model a few years ago from a  wholesale jewelry business to offering my design services to private clients, I never realized that I…

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