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Heirloom Redesign Jewelry

Rose Gold Jewelry: A Gift for You = A Gift for Them

Rose Gold is one of the MOST flattering metals for jewelry on any skin tone. It’s not only a vintage favorite but a new modern classic. And if you love rose gold as much as I do, keep reading, because you are in for a big treat! I am so excited because today is a…

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Stunning Opals: A Trend Here to Stay

Lately, I’ve been totally enamored by opals, especially opal cocktail rings. Opals have become popular amongst designers more recently, but I like to think the opal holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of a cocktail ring that my sister inherited from my grandmother (that lucky lady)! Or maybe…

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Italian Design Inspiration

  Are you inspired when you travel? Traveling has always felt like design research for me… Crystal blue waters, ancient architecture and cultural experience are HUGE on my inspiration list. That’s why I feel pretty blessed that I’ve been able to travel to Italy twice in the past two years! There is something about Italy…

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10 Ways to Pamper Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Every year Mother’s Day comes around, and no matter how much we love the moms in our lives we’ll often find ourselves at a loss as to the day’s events. What should you do? What gift should you get her? How do I tell her I appreciate her without the help of an impersonal card?…

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My Favorite Wedding Gown Trends for Spring 2015

I’ve fallen in love. It’s true. Not just with anyone, but with some AMAZING gowns from the Spring 2015 Bridal Fashion Week. I’ll always squeal a little inside every time they see a pretty wedding dress, but I’m telling you these runway looks were some of the most gorgeous bridal gowns I’ve seen in quite…

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The story behind my passion for heirloom redesign jewelry

I look just like my mother, just with dark hair instead of blond. We have the same laugh, the same smile, the same amount of energy, and I inherited a lot of my creativity from her. 21 years ago today, she passed away…. Her death was surprising! Sudden. A shock to my family. She was…

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