10 Ways to Pamper Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Every year Mother’s Day comes around, and no matter how much we love the moms in our lives we’ll often find ourselves at a loss as to the day’s events. What should you do? What gift should you get her? How do I tell her I appreciate her without the help of an impersonal card?

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1. Don’t Let Her Pick Up A Single Dish!

First things first, no cleaning, cooking, or chores of any kind! Don’t let her do a single second of work. After all this is her day!


2. Get The Little Ones Involved

If there are younger children in your family, have them bring her breakfast in bed, or deliver flowers to her on your behalf. If you’re giving your mom a special piece of jewelry, have the kids follow up with a homemade friendship bracelet or candy necklace!


3. Brunch!

Her first meal of the day shouldn’t be anything less than scrumptious! Either make reservations at the most delicious place in town, or if that’s not your mom’s style,have the whole family practice their omlette making skills before the big day! Either way, an act of selflessness like taking her out to a fantastic meal is the perfect way to pamper her in the morning!


4. Afternoon for Her

Once your stomachs are full, now it’s time for the real fun! Does your mom dream of going that great spa downtown, but doesn’t have the time or means? Does your mom want to go out shopping and get those shoes she’s been lusting after for weeks? Or is your mom a nature lover, just dying to go on a hike with the family? What ever group activity fits her style, the whole family should get involved and make the day exactly what she wants.


5. Beauty

Giving your mom wonderful smelling things is one of THE best add-ons to a perfect Mother’s Day. There’s nothing like the feeling of spritzing some new floral perfume on for the first time. This Mother’s Day, I’d definitely recommend either getting her a great bottle of perfume or – for the DIY family – making some yourself!


6. Relax!

Believe it or not, but a long day of being pampered can be a bit draining. Though all these activities may be fun and relaxing, give the family some downtime in their own home. Sitting in the family room, relaxing, and chatting are where some of the best memories are made, so don’t forget this crucial step!


7. Gift Time!

On your birthday, there comes a special time of evening when you can expect to be showered with gifts. For someone who raised you, why not give her that special moment on Mother’s Day as well! For the stylish mom, try giving her a statement or pendant necklace with her favorite jewel. For the new mom, try a piece of jewelry with her children’s birthstones.

If it’s a special occasion with the entire family gathered to celebrate her, try a personal gift like redesigning or creating an heirloom.


8. Feast!

More often than not, moms are the best cooks in the family. While it’s quite an honor, it’s also quite a burden to bear. Though the rest of the family might not have your mom’s talent, put in twice as much effort to create the perfect feast! Gather up recipes for ALL your mom’s favorite dishes, grab a nice bottle of wine, get cooking, then enjoy! Don’t forget dessert!


9. Perfect Pillow

Here’s a great tradition stolen from a friend of mine: Every year, buy your mom a memory foam pillow, silk pajamas, or any other luxurious bedtime gift you can think of. Hide it on her bed for her to find just before she falls asleep, complete with a mint on the pillow. Seeing your pampering through the entire day will be sure to give your mom the best Mother’s Day yet.


10. Treat Your Mom How You Want to Be Treated (And Then Some)

We all have those moments when we think “if only there was someone here to wait on me hand and foot!” Well, after all the moms in your life have done, they deserve a day with this exact treatment. The golden rule applies especially to Mother’s Day. Continually remind your mom how much you love and cherish her throughout the day, and you’ll be golden!


Remember, there is always the gift of jewelry. For more info on how to get the process started, go here.


What plans do you have in place to pamper your Mom this Mother’s Day? Help others find some more great ideas, and comment below!


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