3 Must Have Accessories For Dad

I always hear men complaining about how women have so many more options for fashion. Suit if I want to dress up, jeans and a tee for dressing down. But it’s just not true! Most often, these men just haven’t yet discovered the wonderful world of accessories! If you know a dad like this – I know I do – he will definitely appreciate some of these awesome accessories for men. These are my top three picks for this Father’s Day…

Cool Cufflinks

0001_ Gem_cufflinks-2

Perfect for your father’s day dinner, these gorgeous cufflinks add a great accent to his warmer-toned suits. These are definitely a special occasion accessory – something to top off the chicest outfit!

0011_maltese cufflinks

0017_TDM Gold Cufflinks

For something a little more casual, either pair of these cufflinks will look great on your favorite dad. Both of these can be dressed up or down. Silver Maltese cross will go great with his charcoals and greys and these distressed gold cufflinks will add the perfect amount of flash to his sharpest black jacket.

An Awesome Necklace

IMG_00810018_distressed medallions

I love necklaces for men because they’re super easy to wear and dogtags are really great casual wear. I hear from my clients all the time: “I wear this every day!” And it’s really true; these dogtag necklaces are the kind of accessory he just won’t want to take off.

The deconstructed medallions are also another fave for those who are a little edgier. Perfect with a casual t-shirt and jeans. They look especially great layered and paired with a leather bracelet and linen!

A Killer Watch



So maybe he’s not a jewelry guy – maybe your father/brother/husband/whatever says jewelry’s not for him, that he’s “not into fashion”. Well, that’s okay! Why? Because everybody needs a watch and a nice watch is always a great present that even the least-fashiony men can appreciate. These watches are from some of my favorite brands – Panerai and Omega.

Whether he’s down on accessories or the biggest fashionista you know, any of these gifts will surely be a huge hit on your favorite dad’s big day.

Comment with your favorite men’s accessory below, and as always, RT and spread the love!

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