5 Classic Styles (with a twist) that you need to wear in 2013

Beginning a new year is all about changing it up and trying new things. I know that when I’m putting an outfit together, there are some classic staples that I tend to reach for over and over. It gets boring wearing the same old go-tos all the time, but it’s often hard to find pieces that work as well. That’s why I came up with 5 pieces that can be worn just as well as your classics, but mix it up a little!


The most timeless jewelry item of all might be the stud earrings. They are elegant and go well with practically everything. Sometimes though, they may feel a bit stuffy. With edgy studs, you can add some cool to almost any outfit. For casual wear, these gorgeous black diamond studs would look great with a t-shirt and a fitted jacket.

If you want to dress them up, edgy studs make a fierce pairing with an embellished dress. Below right you can see Ginnifer Goodwin rocking some black pearl studs on the Red Carpet.

Ginnifer Goodwin


An asymmetrical bracelet can be a fun and refreshing alternative to a classic chain or cuff. This beautiful diamond heirloom bracelet falls elegantly over the hand and is a versatile piece that pairs with any classic dress.

Below right is Kate Upton wearing a standout asymmetrical cuff with some gorgeous gems!

Kate Upton


It’s not always easy to make a statement with a ring, but these colorful cocktail rings will not go unnoticed! Leave your gold bands and diamond rings at home and wear one of these out on the town, trust me, you’ll make a splash. You can do bold and funky all over or make this ring the focus point of your outfit with quieter colors and patterns to match.

Below right is Jessica Long pairing her funky cocktail ring with some pink polish!

Cocktail Ring


A classic pair of hoops is always a good staple, and this year you can spice it up with these modern hoops. They add personality to the old standard. These diamond set gold hoops pair beautifully with solid colors and sleek lines.

Below right is Ashley Benson wearing a pair of #4 black resin sterling silver hoops. They add a touch of cool and offset her cream colored dress fabulously.

Ashley Benson


Think about subbing a pendant necklace with a medallion this year. It’s an old style that’s back in. This adorable diamond inset medallion pairs beautifully with a sundress or a feminine top.

For a funkier take on the look, check out Kristen Vangsness (known for her bold jewels) rocking an Ancient Egyptian-style medallion on the Red Carpet.

Kristen Vangsness

How would you rock these 5 reinvented styles? Reply in the comments below!

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