A Collaboration with Amber Kryzs = Amazing!

You may remember me introducing Amber Krzys and her amazing bodyheart campaign a few months ago. She even did a guest blog post for me which you can read here. Her message is really powerful to me because I struggled with body image issues for years. Did I tell you how the photo shoot went?

When Amber stopped by NYC late last October she hosted an absolutely awesome photo shoot! I photographed two different parts of my body, and one of them was really scary! After feeling so vulnerable in front of the camera, but still finding the courage to finish the shoot, I have renewed confidence even in the face of being so exposed!

I had to find a way to continue being involved with bodyheart. So I got together with Amber to see how I could put my talents to good use. Guess what? We came up with a beautiful necklace that serves as a subtle reminder of self-love and personal empowerment.

The reversible pendant features two ways to get your “heart” on: a cut-out “bodyheart” on one side and “I ♥ my body” on the flip side.

Crafted in recycled sterling silver, you’ll feel good about wearing this elegant, simple necklace every day. A great way to show your body some extra special love!

So show your support of the bodyheart campaign and keep close the reminder to love your body! Click here to order!

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