A Few of My Faves + the Ultimate Day of Love

Valentine’s Day, as called by my first employee, is “the Ultimate Day of Love.” It’s also an extremely popular day to get married (one of my clients is getting married today)! In honor of the “Ultimate Day of Love,” I wanted to share some of my favorite engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary gifts with you.

I just love working with couples who work with me to design bands that are special. I love the way these bands are connected to each other, each in their own way.

Lotus Band

His band is a 5mm half round 14K gold hammered band. Her band is a 3mm hammered band with a carved lotus and 2 diamonds to the left of the lotus. Inside both bands are the OM symbol + the symbol in sanskrit for love + each other’s name.

Aqua Ring

Another recent fave is this stunning Aquamarine ring given as an anniversary gift. I think this ring would also be stunning as an alternative engagement ring.

A nearly 4 carat Aquamarine is wrapped in an engraved frame with diamond details. It is all placed within in a stunning, vintage style 14K white gold setting.

Pink Gold Weave

Nothing is more unusual than pink gold. I love that my client insisted that she use pink gold for her wedding band. This organic band is as original as the bride who wears it!

The woven 14K pink gold motif encases 2 aquamarine stones – one stone each for husband and wife.

Star Enamel Ring

A ring for a rockstar! Although, you don’t have to be a rockstar to rock this ring. I loved the unique character of the client I designed this for. A little bit punky and very cool.

An 18K white gold band features a star motif with black diamonds encased in a black enamel square.

You can view many more engagement rings and wedding bands in the portfolio section of my site. I would love to bring out your personality in your engagement ring or wedding band. Find out how I can help you over here.

Which one is your favorite? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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