How I am Trying to Be Remarkable and Unconventional

Over the past several years, I have successfully launched and grown my custom jewelry brand. I have had the most brilliant opportunities to work with incredible clients. Seriously, I laugh when I wake up sometimes because I actually love what I do so much that it rarely feels like work.

I just returned from the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR. For three days I was immersed in a sea of awesome entrepreneurs who are here to make a difference. The theme of the weekend was “How do you live a remarkable life in an unconventional world?”

My goal is to be remarkable and unconventional in my work and in my business.

I know why I do what I do, but I wanted to find out why my clients hired me in the first place to design custom wedding bands and engagement rings. You can read a lot of testimonials and read some personal stories from clients like Robin & Nathalie, Jaime & Amanda and Michael and Jen (plus many more here).

A lot of people just wonder why it makes a difference to create a custom piece of jewelry at all. Here is what some of the featured couples say:

What I liked about designing a band with her was her holistic approach. She wanted to know more about us as people before she recommended finishes and styles. -Jen

The best part of having our rings custom designed was capturing the uniqueness of “us”. It was a personalized experience vs. going to a jewelry store to pick something out of a case.

I have a lot more stories of the special process and the significance it holds for each individual. However, I have heard the following REASONS over and over.

My love for doing this work lies in the following:

  1. I get to know my clients personally and we often become friends.
  2. I am able to offer a high level of service to suit their individual needs.
  3. The special-ness is in the details of the piece. I love the inspiration and beauty of adding unexpected details and texture in the pieces that I design.
  4. It’s my life’s work
  5. The final result is a gorgeous piece perfectly suited to my client’s personality

In the end, I have realized that being remarkable lies in finding and following your passion.

Being unique is already within each of us; no two people are alike. When you are doing what you love, your true personality and individuality will shine through. Being remarkable simply requires you to take your passion one step further and sharing all you have to offer with the world.

Do some brainstorming. Are you already following your passion? What is one thing you can do NOW that will be a step towards becoming remarkable. Tell me in the comments!

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