Bali: My Color Inspiration

Bali is amazing. I have been her for the past two weeks and the colors are insane! I have been chilling in Ubud which is revered as the cultural and artistic hub. It is also where all the yogis come to practice, so I feel right at home.

Of course, I have spent a lot of time in nature and shopping…I know the two don’t necessarily combine, but hey, I am on vacation! I was so inspired by the brilliant colors in the flowers and in the textiles. So in the spirit of Bali, I am writing today about color!

I am showing some of my recent faves that invoke mad color.

The first are these insane Teal Cavansite Earrings set in a rose gold setting. I just LOVE them.

One of my other faves is this gorgeous Ruby, Rosecut Diamond and 18K yellow Gold earrings. Not only am I in love with the teardrop shape and the ornate center details, but I love the splash of Ruby infused.

Lately I am obsessed with Rose gold and these Mauve Sapphires are beautifully highlighted by the soft tone of the Rose in the gold. Love Love.

I was going to safe this and there will certainly be another post about this stunning Tsavorite and Platinum engagement ring. I don’t think I even need to say anything else. The color speaks for itself.

Finally, blue, one of my favorite colors. I designed these Sapphire and Rosecut Diamond Earrings for a 10 year wedding anniversary. I have already picked up two sarongs with blue in them and the watery color of these sapphires is a great reminder of Bali!

What is your favorite piece of jewelry that adds a splash of color to your wardrobe? Tell me in the comments. Plus, if you love colorful jewelry too, click on those buttons below and share this with your friends!

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