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People are always asking me what I am doing all day since I have been designing only commissioned pieces. It’s awesome working directly with clients to manifest their vision (stay tuned and you will see some of the amazing pieces that I have created for some luckies).

Its true, I get a little restless since I just love to design. So sometimes I just design some really cool S+*$ (stuff that is). Here are a few pieces that I am offering in UBER limited quantities.

You Likey? have your honey send me a note at tracy (@) and I’ll lead them in the right direction.

Black Diamond Studs

STUNNING! No other words for these stellar earrings that are wearable for EVERY day and translate perfectly as a subtle piece for the evening hours…

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Be warned, I only have 3 pairs available so you might want to snatch these up fast.

Blue Topaz Pendant

I can’t even talk about this without gushing…I love it so much.  The beautiful blue topaz seriously will turn head, not kidding.  Gentlemen, you want a happy girlfriend or wife? Come talk to me!

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Just for fun, you need to check out my short video on how I fixed my iPod in a pinch!

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