Finding The Perfect Eco-Friendly Wedding Ring

Planning a green wedding is not just a trend these days, it is part of a lifestyle. So, it makes sense that the symbol representing your marriage is eco-friendly as well. Among your countless choices in brands and styles of wedding bands, you can find many designers using recycled and renewed fine metals for their ring designs.

When I started my bespoke, luxury jewelry business, it was important to me that I used precious metals that were recycled rather than newly mined. The chemicals used in the mining process are detrimental to the surrounding environments. The good news is, recycled gold doesn’t have to equate with “hippy-dippy.” Many of the ethical jewelry designers these days are creating innovative and unique pieces that appeal to a couple that is neither traditional nor crunchy.

Take for example these rustic white gold bands. They have a traditional, half-round element with a “comfort fit” (so “lucky you” won’t have your ring rubbing uncomfortably on your finger). However, the finish and design creates and “undone” look that completely represents the modern couple I designed the set for.

Your precious stone choice provides another way to stay ethical in the ring selection process. Avoid conflict diamonds by sourcing conflict-free Canadian diamonds, using previously owned diamonds and finding diamond alternatives (such as Moissanite).

While there have been many measures to prevent conflict diamonds from coming into the US, such as the Kimberly Process, it is essentially hard to track. Canadian diamonds are conflict-free and a great alternative for those individuals who desire the traditional diamond. The platinum halo ring below features a cushion cut Canadian Diamond.

Another alternative to newly mined diamonds are previously owned diamonds. Pre-owned diamonds can circulate throughout the secondary market for a variety of reasons – most commonly family heirlooms, inheritances, estates, gifts and even, yes, from previous marriages and engagements. Using diamonds of this nature is a great way to encourage sustainability.

Diamond alternatives are great for individuals who just don’t have a budget for a diamond or want to stay away from diamonds for ethical reasons. Moissanite, Cubic Ziconia and White Sapphire are excellent choices. While nothing looks exactly like a diamond, each of these stones has a special sort of sparkle and brilliance. A set of 18K gold stack rings with a Moissanite center stone was perfect for the young ethical bride I designed these for.

Whatever your style or taste is, there are many ways to stay eco-friendly when buying and designing your engagement ring or wedding bands. Find a great eco-luxury designer who will not only create a phenomenal piece in renewed materials, but will get to know you personally. You deserve a ring that is as individual as you are.

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