Heirloom Unworn to Gorgeous Reborn

Heirloom and Diamond Ring

I love this ring!  From generation to generation, heirloom stones and jewelry are passed along from mothers to daughters, from grandmothers to grandchildren.  Let’s face it- sometimes what was in style in 1965 is super cool but possibly less than functional in 2010.  So what do you do when you’ve been passed along something but your taste or lifestyle is not quite in line with what was handed down?

Recently, my siblings and I inherited some heirloom jewelry from our grandmother. We all LOVE our grandmother’s jewelry so much, and we wanted to make the pieces wearable everyday. Unfortunately, my grandmother being petite AND fancy meant that some of the pieces actually did not fit our person or our lifestyle.  Some of the pieces are perfect as they are, but others needed some adjustments to work for everyday wear. So what to do with that half pair of diamond earrings, bangles that are too small or fancy pearl and gold drops that don’t quite fit your your daily wardrobe?

Repurpose! Redesign! Wear it!

The lovely ring above was created for one of my clients.  Her mother passed away years ago and she inherited this half pair of diamond earrings (the other half was lost on the ski slopes in a messy crash landing).  She held onto it for years not really knowing what to do with it.  Diamond studs are not really her style. She wears a lot of rings, especially of the “cocktail-on-the-right-finger” type. After some thought, she came to me and I came up with this awesome ring.  Sometimes I wish I still had a RTW collection so I could replicate awesome pieces like this.  Sorry people!

The Repurposed Heirloom Diamond Ring features: .50 carat heirloom diamond, tiny heirloom side diamonds, 18K renewed gold in an hexagon setting with teardrop side details.  The band is textured in my style and polished with a satin finish.

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