How I celebrated my mom (an other stories of celebs)

Heirloom redesign is a process near and dear to my heart. When my mother passed away (I can’t believe it’s been 20 years in April) I inherited a few pieces of jewelry including a mismatched diamond earring.

I’m not really a traditional diamond earring girl, so I decided to make myself something I would wear every day in her honor. This diamond ring was my first heirloom redesign.

0018_hexagon diamond ring

I had the honor of designing again for one my clients this past month. We used her grandmother’s gemstones from two pieces of jewelry that she inherited. Honestly, this is one of my favorite pieces that I have ever designed. Her husband is surprising her with the ring as a graduation gift and is over the moon with the design. In fact, he was joking around as I was gushing and “promised to buy me one” if he gets a big bonus this year… ha ha. I think I know who the designer will be!

IMG_0075 copy

Cocktail rings clearly seem to be a theme with heirloom redesign. I created this gorgeous sapphire and diamond piece for a client last year. She sent a bunch of rings from her grandmother and her mother and asked me to reset their jewels into this stunning setting.  (This ring gets a lot of attention on my website).

0002_Sapphire Cocktail Ring

Last summer I designed this gorgeous charm necklace as a surprise for a new mom. Even though it’s not a redesign piece, I know it will be an heirloom for her daughters. She wanted something that represented her children but was a little different than the usual charm necklace. I love this piece and actually wrote a blog post about the design process last year.

0012_family Charm initial necklace

How are you celebrating your mom or grandmother’s that have gone before you? I would love to hear!

And please give your mom and grandma a hug for me!

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