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How I Survived the Hurricane + Help Me Raise Some Money for the Victims of Sandy

Today is the first day of November and honestly I am not really sure what happened to the last week of October. I spent last week in a Mastermind with some amazing women only to find out about “Sandy” on Saturday.

Last year there was a big fuss over a “hurricane” that was supposed to hit the East Coast named Irene. I hunkered down with some friends while the dramatized storm hit, but it was nothing too severe. We all laughed at the media hype after it was all said and done.

Honestly, I was a little reticent in believing all the hype for “Sandy ” this weekend. It was supposed to be a bad storm but it couldn’t be that bad.

Irene had nothing on Sandy

I have been without power since Monday evening. It was pretty ominous as I sat in my apartment and watched branches fly by my windows. The streets of the west village are filled with fallen trees. In fact, Washington Square park is essentially fallen trees. The entire lower part of Manhattan has no power.

Luckily I can stay where my sister lives in midtown, one of the areas that is fully functioning. My aunt Peggy and Cousin Jessica also live in Manhattan and are without power and running water. We had a fun lunch yesterday after they stopped by to shower.

With that being said, I want to give back… 

So I am having a special offer of a few items. I created a few things in a more easy price-point in relation to

The “Sandy” Necklace

The “Sandy” Necklace

The adorable “Sandy” pendant necklace is available only for a limited time. Originally this piece was designed in 14K gold for a charity auction (retail $1,000). However, in my desire to raise some funds for the Red Cross Hurricane “Sandy” Fund, I am offering the “Sandy” in gold vermeil for a limited time.

10% of each sale is donated 

Sterling Silver and Black Diamonds (Approx 1 carat TCW)

 Price: $250 ($300 value)

Available until November 4th

Get more info and all of the options here


The “Sandy” Black Diamond Studs

The “Sandy” Black Diamond Earrings

My black diamond studs are always a huge hit. I am making a lower priced version for those of you who want to buy an early christmas gift. For a limited time, the “Sandy” Black Diamond Earrings. I am offering these in sterling silver until November 6th. Usually they are only offered in pink, yellow and white gold.

10% of each sale is donated

Sterling Silver and Black Diamonds

Price: $575 ($650 value)

Available until November 4th

Get more info and all of the options here

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