This was really shameful for me to talk about 2 years ago…

It’s true and really hard to admit. I felt like a total failure. In 2009, I shut down my first business, Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc. after 11 years. The closing was bittersweet. I was done and “almost” ready to let go. You see, I had many years of brilliant success and then something shifted and I drove my biz into the ground.

Yep, I said it! I drove my business literally into the ground after the economy crumbled in October 2008. I am hard on myself still and there were factors (some were my personal responsibility and others came from the aftermath of store closures and a halt in spending). Regardless, I was done.

Failure is really hard to admit!

After I closed TMD, I tried to hide. To teach yoga full time. When actually, all along I was trying to be someone that I was NOT. I just didn’t know it yet.

Let me explain:

I do love teaching yoga, but even though I was completely burnt out on running a jewelry business, I knew that yoga wasn’t the type of passion I really wanted to monetize. I tried to trick myself into thinking it was so… teaching 15 classes a week, brainstorming new ways to find better clients, hustling for private sessions, all of it.

I also was FAKING it in my former business. I did love my brand, but there was a “disconnect”. I never really felt like I was being authentically ME. I was trying to be me, but I was acting like someone else part of the time.

What I did know was this:

I still loved jewelry. I loved designing it. Wearing it. Admiring it. Creating it. Selling it. All of it.

I knew what I did NOT want was this:

I could not bear hustling for a dollar anymore and selling something I was so passionate to people who didn’t love my work MORE than I do.

So I decided what I DID want:

1. To get back to my Passion-jewelry

2. To make GREAT Money (the “beyond my wildest dreams” kind of money)

3. To Design something that had real meaning to my clients

4. To work with people who Valued my talent and my process

5. To use Eco-Friendly materials

6. To have a Flexible schedule and to be able to Travel

And most importantly…


How the “EFF” was I supposed to do that?

I knew a few things about myself: I was really fantastic at connecting with people and I was an amazing designer (it has taken me years to be able to say that to myself). People still wanted my stuff-I knew because I was getting emails all of the time from people asking for my work. I was great at selecting and designing pieces for each individual.

This time I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to get back to my roots and create luxury jewelry that was also super cool. Stuff that I would wear that ran the spectrum. Jewelry that was inspired by the things I loved. Jewelry with a personal quality and vintage feeling. Pieces that were modern, eclectic and refined. Oh yes, and I wanted to make them with recycled precious metals and sustainable stones.

And I only wanted to make ONE of each piece. I couldn’t leverage myself by selling in retail stores. The only way to broaden my reach was to connect with people online.

Then I did this, and everything changed

I was introduced to RHH B-School in the Summer of 2010. This introduction forever changed my life, the invitation into the world of Marie Forleo.

I told my friend this the other day: I am so happy! Things are just aligning for me and I feel like a lot of people can see it. Like in this video with Marie. You can watch my on-screen appearance over here (we are high fivin’ and chatting about my success).

Yep, it’s true. In the summer of 2010, I was booking about $2K a month in revenue from my jewelry business. In March of 2012, I booked $30K in revenue from my jewelry business. I am pretty stoked about that! Yep, and the momentum is still rolling on.

Rich, Happy and Hot B-School was my introduction to leveraging myself online, rebuilding my business, speaking authentically as myself and creating the most fulfilling career I have ever had in my entire life. It’s really hard NOT to be happy because everything just started falling into place once I committed. I enrolled in B-School and began to take my power back. It should be called a women’s empowerment program.

I expanded my mind beyond what I thought I “could” do

Additionally, B-School expanded what I thought was possible and has helped me launch other directions in my business: design consulting, business consulting and mentoring.

Read more about the program here.

This is why I am shouting from the Skyscrapers about B-School.

“B-School is the single most important thing I ever did for myself and for my business. Marie (and B-School) changed my life.”

So I was asked to spread the word as an affiliate for B-School. Stick with me, girlfriend (or dude) and your life will change just like mine. Sign up by May 25th using this link and you will be privy to my kick-ass bonuses below.

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xo, Tracy

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