How to Wear Pantone’s Color of the Year: Emerald Green

2013 is all about Emerald Green. Every year, Pantone LLC names a color of the year based on current trends and predicted sustainability. The color is everywhere and it’s fabulous. It’s a balanced shade of green, representing love, calmness, serenity, rejuvenation and eternity. In Hindu culture, Emerald Green is the color used to align the heart chakra.

What I love about Emerald Green is that it represents a gorgeous sentiment and also looks fabulous! When combined with gold, you have a luscious, rich look.

How to Wear It

In jewelry…

Emeralds are perhaps the most complex of all gemstones. Because of the gem’s complexity, it is often a unique and lovely alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring. This gorgeous gold pendant with diamond and emerald inlays is a great piece for any special occasion in the coming year.

0001_Emerald and diamond pendant

For a classic look, Emerald Green is best worn with black. To dress it up, black velvet is a gorgeous pairing. It can be elegant and sumptuous. If you’re looking for something a little more discreet, the same look can be achieved with a fabric as simple as cotton.

How to Wear Emerald Green Tracy Matthews

(1) These emerald green onyx teardrop earrings would look fabulous with a scoop neck!

In accessories…

(2) Try some Emerald Green pumps to add a serious splash to your outfit. When pairing, think deep jewel tones. A deep burgundy or wine red will offset the green without smothering it. Midnight blue will accent the blue tones in your accessories and create a harmonious color palate. (3) The fabulous Balenciaga bag below is a great addition to any collection.

In clothing…

(4) If you want to make a statement with Emerald Green this year, think about wearing it all over. This gorgeous Valentino dress indulges in all the luxury of the color while also recalling the wildness of nature that can also be found in Emerald Green.

(5) Even with a toned down style, this year’s color can be both luxurious and grounded. It’s a balanced shade that will absolutely bring life to your 2013.

How are you wearing Emerald Green this year? Comment below!

#2013 is all about #emerald green! How are you wearing your #luxury in the new year?

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