I Need Your Help: What Would you Wear this With?

Seriously, I have the best time ever designing jewelry. The whole process is so exciting for me, especially interacting with my clients and learning more about their personal style.

I posed a question on Facebook yesterday about a vintage reproduction ring that I created. I wanted to find out what my fans would wear the piece with. After receiving some awesome (even hilarious) responses, I was inspired to dedicate a blog post to it.

With that being said, I would love to hear from you. What would you wear these pieces with??

Please answer this question in the comments below:

“I would wear this with ___________________________”

This Vintage reproduction is one of my favorites. The ring is 18K white gold with Mozambique garnet and white sapphires.

One of my newest commissions was this edgy bangle. It is set with black diamonds and finished in a high polish gunmetal color.

One of my most glamorous pieces is this fantastic pair of platinum and diamond studs set that I designed in a custom halo setting.

I love blue and one of my personal faves is this blue topaz pendant. It is set in an organic 18K gold custom setting.

Sometimes, simplicity is key. I love black diamonds, especially with gold like this simple chain necklace.

So what would you wear these pieces with? Get imaginative and leave your note in the comments below.

If you are shy, shoot me a note right over here or let’s chat about creating something special for you.

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