What type of man are you marrying? Weathered or Hammered?

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Wedding season is in full swing and if you are getting married this summer, you are certainly working on the final details. Let’s face it ladies, your man probably could care less about cake flavors and table linens and I am sure you are getting this response when you ask his opinion- “whatever you want honey.” Seriously, the most important thing to him is marrying you with his best friends and family around (and maybe a great DJ and a few cocktails).

However, when it comes to picking out something that he is going to be wearing as a symbol of your union, does he suddenly have an opinion? If so, take this as a sign that he wants his wedding band to represent not only his devotion to you but also a little bit of his own personal style. What better a way to let him express this love than with a bespoke Tracy Matthews ring that is not only stylish and timeless, but also environmentally friendly?

Consider the option of designing a custom ring for those men looking for something a little less traditional and a little more personal. Tons of styles and choices exist and it can be a fun bonding experience for the two of you to create his perfect ring out of eco-platinum or eco-gold.

First, consider his personality. Is he the rustic outdoorsy type? Or does he spend most of his day in a suit and tie? Does he have simple style or is he on the cutting edge of fashion? Once you identify his personal style, you can now assist him in finding the right band for him.

You have a few basic choices to make including material, width and design.

For the rustic, outdoorsy type, consider something that is already deconstructed and weathered like this edgy, weathered band.

Weathered Pink Eco-Gold Band

However, if he is a conservative, business type, a gold or platinum band with simple details might fit better into his daily life-style such as this simple hammered band.

Simple Eco-Gold Hammered Band

Your stylish guy might be more drawn to a mix of textures or two-toned design like this scratched, etched and hammered band below.

Mixed Texture Band

MIxed Texture Eco-Platinum Band

Take into account the type of finish and subtle details that best suit his style and personality. You can choose between a matte or polished finish and anything from braided, hammered, distressed, textured, and the list goes on. Can’t decide between a gold or platinum? Two-toned rings are another great option.

White Gold and Black Rhodium Band

White Gold and Black Rhodium Band

Regardless of the style of ring you design, remember why you are buying the rings in the first place and that the most important thing is to make sure that your man’s ring is something he will enjoy wearing until death do you part.

Check out some of the stunning, bespoke rings that I have created. Interested in investigating further? Fill out this questionnaire and get the ball rolling. Contact me with any questions.

To love and happiness, Tracy

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