Jewelry Insider Secret: How to Trade In Old Gold for Beautiful, Custom Jewelry





Old Gold Jewelry-Never to be Worn

You know that broken, gold snake chain that has been collecting dust in your jewelry armoire for years? It is time to put it to good use. Gold prices are at an all time high! Just last week gold’s value reached a record high of just over $1,800. What a great opportunity to trade up with the ring your high school boyfriend gave you and get some new jewelry you will truly love.

Just last week I traded in some old jewelry for a client (half heart BFF charms and other trinkets from growing up) and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My first thought was: “Everybody should be doing this!” I mentioned my experience to a few other clients and here are some more success stories:

  • Updated 9/16: I just sold over $6000 worth of gold for another client! That is either a free vacation or a huge chunk of money to tuck into your rainy day savings.
  • One client wanted a special mother’s pendant made from her Tahitian pearls. I helped her sell some extra gold and now the pendant is going to be practically free because she made $1,400!
  • Another client was hoping to get a custom wedding band, but her budget was smaller than my charge. I encouraged her to sell some of her old gold rings. After making $300 from the trade in, her budget matched perfectly into my price range! I am now designing a beautiful wedding band for her  – I am even using the stones included in the gold she traded in.

So how can you use your old gold to get that new ring of your dreams? It is super easy; I will do all the work for you!

I work directly with a gold refiner who works exclusively in the gold business. This means I am able to get a much higher return than those cheesy “Cash for Gold” television offers (I can get up to 98% of the gold’s value compared to their measly 50%).  So all you have to do is send me the gold and I will take care of the rest.

Here is how it works:

If you are working with me to create a special piece of jewelry there is a minimal 5% handling fee. The worth of your gold will be used as a credit toward the custom design of your new jewelry.

If you aren’t interested in new jewelry right now, but want to take advantage of the great gold prices, I can still help you! Send me your gold pieces and I will get you top prices with just a 10% handling fee.

As we all know, the markets fluctuate daily. Act soon to get the best deal possible while gold prices continue to soar. Let me help you turn your old, outdated gold into a new, custom piece of jewelry you will love for years to come. To take advantage, please contact me here.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Just for giggles tell me about the funniest or most unusual nostalgic piece of gold jewelry you have. Mine was a pearl ring my high school BF gave me.

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From that pile of gold up top, to this beautiful piece below (you don’t need that much, just for effect)!

Stunning Citrine Cocktail Ring

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