Leap of Faith – My Favorite People, Volume 2

Evan and Brenna

I am ecstatic to introduce my newest favorite couple, Evan and Brenna. I met the adorable couple over email at the end of last summer when my friend, Tricia, referred them to me. Sometimes it just takes a little faith that things are working for you in life, kinda like what happened for my adorable clients pictured above. There were a few leaps of faith going on….well I don’t want to blow it, so keep reading on.

They first met in high school (how cute).  Although there was a spark between them, nothing happened. A few years later (and a little faith in the power of the Universe), they ran into each other at party at Michigan State University (where they were both coincidentally attending college). Clearly the spark reignited and shortly thereafter, they started dating. A few years later and now residing in LA, Evan and Brenna’s paths are joining for the long haul!

Seriously, they are so giddy for the next step in their lives together. With that being said, the first thing the couple said to me when we chatted about working together was that they wanted Brenna’s engagement ring to ­represent where they are in their lives at this point in time, including their age and their budget. They were having trouble finding something unique and Brenna was in tears the few times they looked around at traditional jewelry stores. I could tell when I met them that they were a little nervous about working with someone solely via email and over the phone (Evan and Brenna live in LA and I live in NYC). It’s difficult to visualize what something will look like based on a sketch and a prayer. They soon became comfortable and Brenna even mentioned later that her favorite part of the process was that “the whole process was completed over email.”

Their wedding date is planned for July 2011. I asked them what they were most excited about! Brenna says that “I am excited to share my life with Evan [and I am] excited to see our relationship evolve over time…it’s kinda funny to think about when we first met and who we are today.” Evan is most excited about creating a partnership with Brenna and can’t wait to build a family with her.

For Brenna, I designed an eco-white gold vintage style floral motif engagement ring and just finished her gorgeous matching band. The ring has a small center diamond and tiny pave set diamonds with mill-grain engraved details. The biggest surprises are the tiny black diamonds that are set on the sides and underneath the ring, truly representing the less than traditional side of Brenna. The matching band nestles into the ring emulating the pattern on the top.

Evan described his leap-of-faith: “I enjoyed the creative freedom that Tracy afforded us during the design process.  She really wanted the final concept to be exactly what we wanted and it was incredible to see a couple of inspirational items turn into a totally custom piece of jewelry.  The entire process was incredibly easy and it wasn’t long before we were waiting for the ring in the mail.  The best part of the whole thing was how the ring turned out.  Considering that it wasn’t exactly a low price transaction, it was a little scary turning over the payment for an idea and a couple sketches on paper only.  But I would do it all over again once we received the ring.  It is incredible.  In fact, we are doing it again with our wedding rings.”

I just finished Evan’s wedding band, as well. Similar to Brenna, Evan wanted something with a little edge so I designed a two-toned white gold band with black rhodium hammered detail. I love the way the gunmetal finish defines the hammer texture, contemporary and classic at the same time.

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