Liberty and Justice for All

Originally Published Wednesday June 25, 2008

Important things often come in small packages. My cousin’s daughter, Justice, is one of those “things.” Well, actually, she is a brilliant woman at such a young age. Her passion for life and her conviction in her beliefs is so apparent at such an early age…she is only 9…..(8 when this was filmed).

I would like to share with you one of the most impressive things I have ever seen from someone so young. Justice is truly a leader and a visionary…I can only imagine the woman she will grow into some day. She is wise beyond her years and a role model for me, 28 years her senior! And although this is more about human interest and saving lives, she is political as well. The daughter of politically conservative parents, Justice is a huge Obama supporter. When I was her age, I was “rooting” for whoever my parents were “rooting” for…(which happened to be Reagan)!

Justice wrote this letter to the president as a project for her second grade class. It was submitted to a national competition and she was then hand selected to read the letter on stage at a Spearhead concert. You can see the actual video at the end of the blog…

Dear President,

Hi President…how are you? Well, war kills people and a lot of people have died already. We learn to talk to each other to solve our problems in my second grade class. Can’t presidents of countries do that too?

If you believe that we must have war, I was thinking that the people at war could use water guns, those really big ones. It would be better, and whoever gets soaked is out. The other team wins. I’m just thinking, and I’m still a kid….if you don’t like the idea, that’s fine with me. I will understand.

Maybe presidents could choose teams to help you and you guys could have a water gun fight. This would save a lot of people from being killed.

From a concerned citizen,

Justice (second grader)

If it were possible to just teach our children to have this level of interest and conviction at such a young age, maybe the future of our country and our universe has a fighting chance! Justice for President!

Justice is a featured in the real beauty is forum on

Michael Franti and Justice

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