My dad would NEVER wear this… Part 1

It sounds funny to use this topic as a blog post. But hey, you’ve got to be provocative at times—even if it’s talking about something designed by you that your dad would never wear. And it’s true, my dad is an ultra-conservative dude who prefers Tommy Bahama shirts and any accessory from the cabela’s catalog over a piece of cool jewelry. Really, his favorite accessory is his shotgun (yes he is a hunter and I am sure it’s shocking that I am his daughter!).

So my dad would probably never wear my jewelry. Except one pair of cufflinks I gave him. He actually did wear those once, the last time he got dressed up, but that was about 2 years ago.

Chances are the dad in your life is not like mine. In fact, there are plenty of dads out there who do wear this stuff proudly! So this post is for all of the dad’s who love to rock a cool piece of jewelry. I wanted to show you some of my all time favorite pieces of jewelry for father’s day. Broken down into Part 1 and Part 2.

Cufflinks are always a great gift, especially if the dad in your life is all business, but has a bit of rebel in him to. Here are two fantastic examples of cufflinks for the guy who wants to be a little edgy but prefers to keep it under the radar.

Gunmetal and Black Diamond Cufflinks Distressed Cufflinks

Some dads are über original. This is a great pair of custom cufflinks that I designed earlier this year

Today 6/6 is the last day for free engraving on any piece of jewelry for father’s day. Let’s face it, not all dad’s are like mine.

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