My dad would NEVER wear this… Part 2

So if my dad wouldn’t wear my cufflinks, then he really wouldn’t wear these cool, “man” necklaces.

I love these pieces and these man necklaces are perfect for a guy who likes to express his personal style. Big bonus, these can all be customized with special engraving.

Dogtag Necklace

These dogtags are a modern twist on a classic style. They are oxidized and antiqued for that old world feel, not flashy and very classy.

Distressed Double Medallion Necklace

The double distressed medallion always makes me feel like watching an Indiana Jones movie. It looks and feels like an artifact straight from an archaeological dig. It is a very popular necklace.

Distressed Double Medallion Necklace

The horn necklace is the ultimate symbol of masculinity. It symbolizes strength and power, and specifies its wearer as a protector. What a statement gift for your dad!

So that is Part 2 of jewelry I design, but my Dad would never wear. Use the social media buttons to share this with your friends who are looking for Father’s Day gifts. Let me know in the comments what type you jewelry your dad wears!

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