My Favorite Couple Volume 8: Stephanie and Matt

My favorite part of the custom jewelry design process is getting to know my clients. Yes, I am a sucker for good love stories. Each story is so different and I am excited to share my latest Favorite Couple, Stephanie and Matt.

Stephanie and Matt are living proof that it can all start with a simple phone call.

Stephanie recounts their first call: “One day in January, Ivan [a mutual friend of the two] and Matt were sitting on the couch, chatting. Ivan got a smirk on his face, said, ‘hang on’, called me and handed the phone to Matt. Matt and I proceeded to have an amazing conversation.”

The couple later officially met at a benefit party that Ivan threw, but both had arrived to the dinner with date. A week after that, Ivan threw another dinner party, and this time, both were free to get properly acquainted with each other. They quickly bonded over their sense of adventure. “I believe I marched up to him and said, ‘Matt, I have a dream of creating a BBQ tour through the South,’ and he said, ‘Cool!’ Stephanie recalls with a little chuckle.

And the rest is history.

What I love most about them as a couple is that they find joy in just being together: it doesn’t matter if they are going to the Farmer’s Market, cooking dinner, or sipping whiskey at their favorite Irish Bar, they just love being together and fell in love in the simple spaces.

But my very favorite part is their creative engagement story! Matt created a scavenger hunt in their condo on the Winter Solstice. In Colorado you can marry yourself, so Matt and Stephanie (and their dog) had a private ceremony on a mountaintop followed by a sunset picnic (for some reason I can’t get the Bill Wither’s song “Just the two of Us” out of my mind).

For Matt’s ring, I designed something that reflected their adventurous spirit, their sense of fun and the simple beauty of their relationship.

Matt went for a rustic, pink gold band with organic details (you can see it in their strategic photograph above).

I like to get inside the heads of the people I work with, so I asked them why they chose a custom wedding band from me. Matt had struggled to found a ring he liked in any jewelry shop he walked in. He realized that he really wanted something that nobody else had. They describe the experience as “GREAT!” and “we love the ring. You were super easy to work with.”

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