My Favorite Couple Volume 9: Stacey and Christopher

Are you ready to hear about more of my favorite people? These ones are especially awesome because they were really passionate about their custom rings. Meet Stacey and Christopher:

They met in January 2012. Christopher was managing Union Square Cafe and Stacy had a good friend who tended the bar there. They didn’t waste their time falling in love. Stacey says she knew they were meant for each other on their first phone call! She said they “talked about food, music, jazz, yoga and psychotherapy.”

The engagement came during Christmas morning while they were still in their pajamas! Christopher surprised Stacey with a beautiful vintage engagement ring.

They came to me to help design wedding bands because, “It seemed so much more special to have rings made specifically for us and for them to be connected by the fact that we were both a part of the design process and their creation.” I definitely can’t argue with that!

Christopher’s is a simple but elegant hammered band with and inscription on the inside.

Stacey’s ring is an intricately designed, vintage-style band. It also has a inscription and I was even able to use diamonds from her grandmother’s wedding band!

They had a beautiful wedding ceremony in a restored building located in the New York Botanical Gardens. After the wedding was a reception with jazz musicians, fine cocktails, and finally a “smokin’ DJ!” It must have been so much fun! I have to say though, their wedding must have had a difficult time competing with their Paris honeymoon.

Of course, as with every couple I design for, I had to ask what they thought about me! Here is what Stacey wrote:

We loved that you wanted to hear about our relationship, how we met, what we like to do, etc. to get a feel for our personalities and style. We also trusted your expert opinion and advice and knew that you would make us sophisticated, elegantly crafted rings – and we were right!

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