My Favorite Engagement Rings From 2013


We are already a few weeks into 2014… where does the time go? I’m not really sure.

While this was meant to go live before the year ended, I was having too much fun in California with my nieces and decided that sometimes family is more important than getting a blog post together on time.

Last year, I had a blast designing some really unique custom engagement rings. I thought I’d do a roundup of some of my favorites

Sapphire, Champagne Diamonds, and Rose Gold Engagement Ring


One of my favorite designs of the year was created for Lauren Fritsch Woddis. I met Justin, her husband, at a dinner party that Lauren did not attend. Little did either of us know, I actually knew Lauren through my circle of female entrepreneurs.

We schemed behind her back for a few months. Trust played a big part in the design of this ring. Initially, Justin wanted to go in a VERY traditional direction. He trusted me and took a risk and it totally paid off.  I designed a ring that she says was “perfect” for her and exactly what she would have picked out.

(Great thing about Justin: he listened to Lauren when she was fawning over a woman’s sapphire piece–men keep your ears open).

Imperial Topaz Engagement Ring


As a longtime yogini, I understand the importance and belief in the power of healing gemstones. When Magnolia reached out, I was so excited to hear from her.

Her vision was to create a halo style ring with an Imperial Topaz, as the stone was deemed important for her to wear for love, healing, and energy. It was a feat to find the “right’ stone as we took a 5 carat stone and cut it into this 3 carat asscher cut–a very uncommon cut for an imperial topaz.

I love to make my clients happy. The ring and the stone are just gorgeous, unique and the perfect engagement ring for Magnolia.

Classic Platinum Halo Engagement Ring with Opal Details


One of my favorite couples to work with this past year was Jesse and Jo. They randomly stumbled upon my website, and even more randomly, Jesse and I grew up in the same town of Newport Beach, CA, just at different times.

I love the classic elegance of the halo setting with the modern detail of the opal on the side of the ring. We also added some hidden diamonds on the side of the shank for fun!

Blue Topaz and 18K Gold Engagement Ring


An unusual ring for a unique couple. Paul and Kate are one of the most eclectic couples I have met! It’s no wonder we came up with a completely organic motif ring for her (and not to mention a really different type of ring for him)!

My favorite part of the process of designing for Kate, was to really get a sense of her FREE spirit. Meditation is a big part of her life and I feel like this ring sort of has an ethereal feeling to it, sort of like the inspirational hits one received in meditation.

Bold and organic, this ring is perfect for Kate!

Peach Rosecut Diamond and White Gold Engagement Ring


I already showed their engagement video on my Magazine a few months ago, but my oh my, Tyler and Kelly were so fun to design for!

Nature has always been a huge inspiration for me from the inception of my first “leaf” collection with my wholesale line back in the day. I adore the leaf motif that I came up with for Kelly.

As a wedding photographer, she sees a ton of rings. She knew that she wasn’t a traditional girl and that she wanted something a little more “vintagey” and edgy.

It’s perfect. Go see for yourself

Are you a unique bird? If you (or your girlfriend) are like these ladies above, don’t settle for off the rack boring engagement rings. Let me design something gorgeous for you. GO here to get the process started.

In the comments below, tell me: which of the rings above is your fave???


  1. Michelle @ Adirondack Weddings Magazine on April 2, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    I love the peach rosecut ring; the leaf-looking diamonds around it are so unique. Definitely the perfect ring for a nature lover!

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