My Favorite People – Volume 1

Jaime and Jeff

I love my clients! So much so that I am starting a new series about some of my favorite couples and clients that I have worked with. When I switched my business model a few years ago from a  wholesale jewelry business to offering my design services to private clients, I never realized that I would be so fulfilled. The people I work with are so amazing and their stories, incredible, and it is hard not to gush each time I have new clients to work with!

My first featured couple is Jaime and Jeff, not only are they HOT, but they are just about the most down to earth people you will ever meet. I originally met Jeff a few years ago at an engagement dinner for some good friends of mine. He was new-ish to NYC and we spent a good portion of the dinner talking about mommy blogs and avatars-don’t ask.

A few months ago, Jeff called me up to design his wedding band. He is engaged to a lovely woman named Jaime. I have known Jeff for a few years and I would describe him as a stylish, cool, super sweet, grounded guy. When I asked Jaime what it was about Jeff that made her know she wanted to take the leap, she told me this: “He has this confidence and kindness that is so genuine and so thoroughly smug-free, that I find to be incredibly rare and charming. Those are things that trickle into every single thing he does and are so obvious to everyone who is lucky enough to be close to him.”

Not until recently did I meet Jaime. Let me tell you, I can totally understand why Jeff fell in love with her. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is a completely stellar human being. I think the best way to describe her is in Jeff’s words: “For months, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about Jaime that was making me fall in love with her. I couldn’t figure it out. One night she came over and it hit me. Jaime smiles with her whole body [and] everything about her lights up when she smiles. And you can’t help but feel the smile emanate from her.”

They recently traveled to Thailand and Cambodia together. They are bubbling with anticipation for their East Coast wedding in June. They picked a time that is sentimental to each of them. They plan to marry the second week of June, the same week that both sets of their happily married parents wed. Funny how the Universe works, huh?

Initially, when I met the couple for a wedding band consultation, there were several ideas, even some sort of replication of Jaime’s Grandfather’s wedding ring. Ultimately, Jeff decided on a 14K white eco-gold one-of-a-kind textured concave band (comfort fit) in a satin finish polish. The ring fits his personality perfectly: a little edgy, cool and timeless.

14k White Gold Distressed Ring

Custom designed wedding and partnership bands start at $650 in precious metals. For more information on my eco-luxury jewelry design services, click here or fill out my questionnaire. View some of my other creations in my portfolio or you can also contact me directly.

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