My Newest Favorite Couple – Nathalie and Robin

Nathalie and Robin have a simple but cute story. Both were university students when they met on a grocery shuttle in 2004. Nathalie had her nose deep in her computer science notes with no makeup and her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Robin thought she was hot so he sat down next to her. They rode the shuttle every weekend together until Robin worked up the nerve to ask Nathalie out to dinner. Of course that was the week-end Nathalie decided not to go grocery shopping. But Robin was determined. He went knocked on her dorm room door at 7 pm.

She answered the door in her PJ’s and he asked her to dinner on the spot. She said no!

But she did agree to go out the next day for bubble tea.

Their relationship blossomed gradually. They lived in separate cities for a few months and corresponded through email and text messages. Nathalie says: “This helped us to get to know each other better and really share on a level we might have been too shy to speak about openly otherwise. When we met again after our long distance relationship, we were closer than ever!”

Though, may seem like a quiet reserved couple, they definitely have a streak of unconventionality. They have lived and worked together in different countries and they love scuba diving adventures. Also, after Robin and Nathalie had watched documentaries about blood diamonds, they resolved to take steps to avoid encouraging the tragedy. They came to me for help in creating something totally eco friendly:

“Tracy is a master communicator. She’s great at understanding what we’re looking for and running with it. She made us feel totally taken care of, and the results are stunning and speak for themselves.”

Tsavorite engagement ring and faceted platinum men’s wedding band

Robin and I worked together to create this amazing ring set. Both rings are designed with renewed platinum. Hers has a gorgeous nearly 4 Carat Tsavorite stone with a brilliant green color was the stone of choice. Nathalie is a fan of organic shapes, which makes sense since she is also coined as the Raw Food Witch (organic-raw food- get it?). To set the stone, I decided on a bezel that is supported by two branch-like prongs. The band is detailed with a carved faceted texture that lends to an organic feminine vibe.

Robin’s half round platinum band shares the same texture as Nathalie’s band. It is the perfect compliment.

Robin was really cute. He wanted Nathalie to be really surprised with the ring. He arranged a secret ring fitting while they were visiting NYC. She was completely surprised to see me when I walked up to her in the lobby of her hotel. “What are you doing here?” Good thing I had met her a few months earlier at RHH live or else she would have thought I was a crazy person! We laugh about it now.

The two of them are excited to continue their adventure together by getting married this summer in the Niagara wine country region in Canada.

“Just like we wanted a custom ring experience, we want to get married our own special way too!”

In the future, they look forward to supporting each other in their endeavors (especially as Nathalie continues to grow her internet design and marketing consultation business) and helping each other evolve as human beings.

Can’t you see why they are my newest favorite couple? Tell me which part of their story is your favorite and why in the comments! And don’t forget to use the fancy buttons below to be social and share this with your friends!


  1. Heather Thorkelson on May 30, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Ooh I love this post! I’ve known Nathalie for a while but didn’t know how she and Robin met. Thanks for sharing! I’m all for socially responsible gemstones as well.

    • Tracy Matthews on May 31, 2012 at 2:46 pm

      Thanks for writing heather..I love socially responsible gemstones too…clearly

  2. Liz on May 30, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Oh love this story, so sweet! And the rings are absolutely beautiful & unique!!

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