Sometimes All You Need is 4 Days to Find Your Soulmate

I want you to meet my newest favorite couple – Seth and Irene.

Their story is something you would expect to see in a movie. It all began when Irene went on vacationed to Breitenbush Hot Springs. She met Seth at the Springs, he was working there as a chef. Despite only having a single, friendly conversation, when Irene returned home, she found herself missing him! Most would have written this off as a silly bit of emotion and went on with their lives, but not Irene. She flat out confessed it to him.

A short time later Irene decided to visit Seth. Their chemistry was strong and they connected on all levels. Seth proposed to Irene after 4 days. No, you didn’t just read that wrong. He proposed on the 4th day! Talk about love at first sight, this is the poster couple.

When it comes to jewelry, Irene has confessed, “I tend to rip anything off by the end of a night and stuff earrings or necklaces in to my pockets by the appetizer.” Apparently she is not a fan, but she had an old, white gold wedding band and her parents gifted her some heirloom rings with precious stones. She didn’t want it all to go to waste. When she met me through Marie Forleo’s RHH B-School, she asked me if I could help.

I used Irene’s heirloom jewelry to create the new bands. First, by recycling the gold from her pieces and second, by taking the diamonds out of her parent’s rings and placed them into the new setting. For Irene, this was a way to incorporate tradition into something that represents their love.

They loved the organic texture of my designs so I created half round wedding bands in white gold. For Irene’s engagement ring, I dotted the Heirloom stones around the piece. She pairs this with a thin organic band. Seth’s Band matches the shape and texture of Irene’s bands shown below.

After the wedding Seth moved to Canada to be with Irene. He has begun following his true passion of composing music and she is in the midst of a rebranding for her own life’s work.

Just like me you must be inspired and encouraged by such a wonderful story of surprise love and new beginnings. Keep the inspiration going by sharing your own love story in the comments below!

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