Paula and Rob – My Favorite People Volume 5

One of my favorite parts about working with clients for wedding bands and engagement rings, is getting to know them as individuals and as a couple. Rob and Paula have a unique story. They met at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, standing in line (of all places) at Lincoln center for a live course. Paula approached Rob part flirty and part assuming he was from Argentina where she is a native. She was surprised to find out that he was from Maine!

Even though Rob was married at the time (it’s not as scandalous as it sounds), they both felt an extremely strong connection from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Since he was married, they immediately became friends.

For some reason, Paula had a really strong intuition that she was meant to meet her soul mate during the course of her studies at IIN. A little frustrated by the lack of potential suitors, Paula did what many of us do when we need answers and went to talk to an intuitive. In her session with the “angel lady,” as she describes her, Paula had some very strong visions of a Romeo and Juliet type of story, where Paula was forbidden to marry her true love.

Paula and Rob remained friends in passing until reconnecting when Rob decided to relocate to NYC from Maine (divorce papers in hand). The rest is history!

Their story is so romantic and dreamy, it’s no wonder they wanted to have custom rings designed. They are both such passionate people and really felt that they wanted their rings to be an outward expression of who they are and the promise they have with each other. After looking around at different jewelers, no one was really “getting” it until we crossed paths.

It was so easy to design for them because I really understood their sense of style and elegance. I designed these beautiful rings for Paula and Rob.

Paula’s engagement ring features a center stone, encased in a thin gold halo with lotus leaf prongs and the lotus theme intertwined in the band and underneath the setting. Lotuses represent new beginnings and clarity so it is not surprising that Paula would use this as her motif. Tiny diamonds are dotted around the piece to accent the hammered gold.

The couple wanted a theme to tie their wedding bands together. We chose the hammered texture of Paula’s engagement ring and tied it into both of their wedding bands. Paula wanted the lotus leaf motif on the top with 2 diamonds on the left side of the lotus. Inside, I engraved the OM symbol (in the same shape as Paula’s tattoo), the Sanskrit word/sumbol, Prema, and their beloved’s name.

Rob and Paula are so excited to having their wedding ceremony this March in South Beach, FL. In a sophisticated, down-to-earth ceremony, the couple will be amongst close friends and family. The ceremony will be followed by a “fire ritual” which will include all in attendance. The Purpose is for everyone to reconnect with love energy in their lives.

A few words from Paula:

“We loved that you received us in your studio with open heart and mind and willing to listen to what we were looking for. Immediately after we sat down and told you a little about our story, you got it! Is almost like your intuition was so sharp that you read our minds. That was it for me! Once you sent me the sketches it was hard to make the final decision because each and every design was so beautiful! From that moment on I knew and I was so happy that you would be the one creating our wedding bands and my engagement ring!! When Rob proposed again and I saw the ring I couldn’t stop crying tears of joy and I still feel so proud to wear that ring that symbolizes our love for each other.”

Do you love how their rings are so interconnected with their passion and promise? Let me know in the comments below!

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