Perfectly Imperfect-My Favorite People Volume 3

Jen and Mike

OK, I know what you are thinking-this couple is gorgeous so how could I describe them as “perfectly imperfect?” Well, there is a good explanation, but one that is part of the story of Jen and Mike, so you’ll have to keep reading on.

Jen was a client of mine back in my San Francisco days. She was one of the lucky women who used to shop my TMD sample sales (I know many of you miss those-I kinda do too). So I was completely thrilled to receive an email from her many years later telling me that she was engaged and that she wanted me to custom design a wedding band set for her and her adorably, sweet fiance, Mike.

Jen and Mike met through work-yep it does happen! The story gets better-Jen was Mike’s vendor and her boss arranged a business meeting for them on Groundhog day. They both describe the connection as instantaneous and I am pretty sure their boss felt like a third wheel at that lunch. Instead of a meet and greet business lunch, Jen and Mike completely hit it off and talked about everything EXCEPT for work during the lunch.

Their unexpected lunch date turned into a romance. The sweet part is that they describe their connection as completely supportive of each other as individuals, totally connected as a couple, inspired by the other even in the face of adversity and a little mischievous at times, sort of like the legal version of Bonnie and Clyde, true “partners in crime.”

Jen and Mike are getting married in San Francisco in October. They have planned a non-traditional ceremony where the guests will be the participants. The intimate gathering will be just close friends and family and I can see why. To Jen and Mike, their love and bond is most important and their wedding is the outward sign of who they are as a couple and as Jen says-no chicken dance at the reception!

When I finished the couple’s wedding bands, Jen emailed me to ask how they looked. They were so excited to see the finished product. I described the 14K white gold rings with a rustic natural finish as “perfectly imperfect”. Jen sent a note back right away and said something to the effect of, OMG this is amazing, when Mike proposed to me he said “you may not think you are perfect, but you are perfect for me.” I couldn’t help but get a little choked up and honestly, as I write this now, tears are coming to my eyes. So sweet.

Raw Finish White Gold Bands

These elegant white gold bands are “perfectly imperfect” for Jen and Mike. In lieu of traditional rhodium plating, they opted for a natural finish on the gold so that some of the yellow sheen shines through. Surface scratches, light file marks and hammered details complete the look. While these shaping techniques are used to create a ring, keeping some of these details in the design lends to a completely raw look. I loved working with this couple especially because they were so committed to have something that fit their personalities individually and as a couple.

Here is what they had to say:

Mike: “The best part of having our rings custom designed was capturing the uniqueness of ‘us.’  It was a personalized experience vs. going to a jewelry store to pick something out of a case.”

Jen: “So many aspects of the engagement and wedding experience are and will be non-traditional…no diamond solitaire, no white chairs with bows, no seating charts, no funky chicken dance.  It was natural to want a unique ring style that represented us.  I had discovered Tracy’s jewelry a number of years back and already own a few pieces so we inquired about working with her.  What I liked about designing a band with her was her holistic approach.  She wanted to know more about us as people before she recommended finishes and styles.  It can be tricky to have a ring designed from scratch as you won’t necessarily know if you’ll like it until you see it.  I trusted her instincts, especially towards the end when she recommended a different finish than we were going with.  Our rings have a raw, urban vibe about them and we’re happy with the results.”

Do you love their story as much as I do? Do you have a unique love story? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. Sammi on August 3, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    What a super sweet story. What an adorable couple. I don’t know if I believe they aren’t perfect though 🙂 Their rings are gorgeous. I have decided I’m definitely hiring you to do my wedding bands. Now if only I had a partner 😉

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