Pink is the New Yellow

Lately I have been loving pink! Gold that is…

Pink Gold is starting to take traction on yellow gold. This is no surprise because pink gold is absolutely stunning! Just check out what some of my Facebook friends had to say about this pink gold ring:

As you can see the pink gold (especially when paired with the mauve sapphire) is absolutely stunning, but as soon as you start talking about using this precious metal for engagement rings, the traditionalists turn and sprint the other way. Many people want yellow gold or platinum, with a big, sparkly diamond on top. Who can blame them? There is a reason engagement rings have kept this formula over the years, it is simple and elegant.

But I am ready to plead the case for pink gold. Check out another post I put up on Facebook for pink gold wedding bands:

Pay close attention to the last comment. She calls pink gold a, “New spin on tradition.” Of course! Pink gold is still gold. It’s an alloy between gold and copper, perfect for people who love the traditional rings but would like to add a bit of flair or personality.

And for all of you who are trying to get as far away from “the norm” as possible, don’t let its semi-traditional roots dissuade you. Combined with alternative gemstones, intricate settings, and textured surfaces, we can transform your engagement ring or wedding band into something truly original. Need an example?

Let me know your opinions about pink gold in the comments! And spread the good word about this shiny metal by clicking on those social media buttons just below!


  1. Nancy on April 21, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    This ring is beautiful! The ring gold, the mauve stone, and complimenting diamonds are so eye catching. Clearly a classic style.

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