Marie Forleo’s B-School Review

Ever since I first joined Rich, Happy & Hot B-School I am pretty sure I haven’t once stopped talking about it. I have decided it is probably time to just write it all out.

The thing about writing a review is you are always supposed to try your best to be objective, but I have a feeling that in parts of this exposé may end up gushing. If I do, I’m sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself. I will try to stick the facts: What RHH B-School is, what it did for me, and what it can do for you.

Rich, Happy & Hot B-School

RHH B-School is an online business school geared towards teaching women entrepreneurs how to be… well Rich, Happy & Hot (honestly it’s hard not to be sold just by the name!). During each session, founder Marie Forleo takes an army of women through a marketing course that teaches them how to leverage the internet to create a successful marketing campaign. The course isn’t tailored to any specific trade or category, all it requires is passion and enthusiasm.

But what is unique about RHH B-School is that your experience does not end with the curriculum. You become a part of the B-School community for life. You automatically have a huge network of go-getting women (and some men) running almost every type of business you can think of—each and every one of them sharing their successes and failures.

My Experiences

What I have personally gained from B-School is almost unbelievable. When I met Marie, I was in a bad place—playing small and under the radar. I had just closed my first business and I felt like a failure. I was really worried about how I was going to make it. My business revenue was miniscule—only like $2,000 a month. I needed some help.

Since B-School, I have increased my revenue 15 fold! That’s right, $30,000 a month! People have asked if I have hired a branding expert, I am shipping my products overseas, I have begun coaching small business owners myself, and I just traveled to Bali because I can work from anywhere I want. Ok, now I am gushing, let me get back to the facts. Here are the exact things that have changed for me:

1. I started working with my ideal clients. The clients that I want to work with instead of taking on any client just because they want to spend money. This shift in and of itself, has changed the energy and paradigm of my business.

3. I have developed strategic partnerships and a built in referral network that brings in new business every month.

4. My outreach is now global because I have leveraged myself online. I recently shipped a pair of custom cufflinks to a client in Singapore.

5. People have begun reading my newsletters and visiting my website because I have better, more effective content.

I hate to have to say it but these points are just the tip of the iceberg. If I was to give you every detail of how Marie Forleo helped me turn around my business it would be plagiarism, but it would also be 50,000+ words of me talking about how awesome my business has become because of RHH B-School.

Is it Right for You?

I guess this is the obvious question any good review needs to answer. So let me try to answer it:

Do you have a business, or a business idea, or a passion you want to turn into a business? If yes, this program is probably right for you. Keep in mind the worst thing you can do to yourself is to start making excuses. Here are some you may have already floating around in your head:

1. I can’t afford it
Where there is a will there is a way. I couldn’t “afford” it when I took Bschool, But I really could. I cut back a bit in my social spending. The tools I learned generated enough revenue to pay for the program within the first month.

2. I don’t have time
Bschool is a self paced program. It is 8 weeks long, however the program is completely self paced. You have forever to redo and re-work on the content and move at your own pace.

3. I don’t need it, I make enough money now.
This program is not just about money. Remember: Rich, Happy and Hot. Marie is dedicated to helping you align your business with your values. If you are making gobs of moolah, but you hate your job or your life, what is the point?

4. I don’t feel comfortable putting myself out there.
There is a great quote by Marianne Williamson: “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.” Playing small is just an overcomeable fear holding you back. Go ahead and shine baby.

5. I already know everything there is to know about marketing.
I promise you, you do not. Marie will get you thinking in ways you never considered before. Plus, the incredible network of determined entrepreneurs creates a marketing consciousness that your mind doesn’t even have the capacity to comprehend on its own.

Ok, those are the obvious ones. If you have any more, you should probably just email me to tell me why you could possibly not want to massively improve your life and your business.

But I would like to briefly attempt to play devil’s advocate: B-School does take time and it does take hard work. This is not a free-loader, get-rich-quick scheme. Marie may help carve the path, but you definitely need to do the trek up the mountain. You will need an open mind and an eagerness to learn. I think you get the picture; just remember: it may be work, but if it’s your passion, it won’t seem like work.

I think that is as much as I should say about Rich, Happy & Hot B-School for now. You can Click here to sign up to RHH B-school now. If you have any questions about my experiences or about B-School specifics Do Not Hesitate to email me immediately!

If you still aren’t ready you should at least check out Marie Forleo’s 3 free training videos: 6 Pillars to Success, Dirty Little Secrets, and Behind the Scenes.

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