Rocks Are Sexy

Guest post by Karin McDermott

Rocks are sexy. They just are. In particular, stones, gems, crystals…Mother Earth’s multi-dimensional and uniquely sensual DNA. Smooth, rough, mysterious, energetic, yearning to be held, stacked, entrenched in ritual and worn with love to be cherished for generations. They’re not called precious for nothing. Rocks provide balance, energy and comfort even when the rest of the world seems out of harmony. They’ve been doing so for millennia.

Life is full of pressure, so are gemstones. People are unique but share a similar internal structure, so do crystals. Humans are yearning to connect, heal, discover a higher vibration of existence, raise their consciousness and live more vital lives. Look no further…nature provides.

So let’s talk rocks. The sexy kind. Captivating. Alluring. Sensual. Bling.

Diamonds. The symbol of both purity and abundance. Interesting. It strengthens the bond of love not simply as a symbol, but as an actual healing power to impart clarity, fearlessness and emotional new beginnings. Diamonds stimulate creativity and direct your soul’s deepest imagination. Bling up your divine light! Here’s my favorite “I abSOULutely must buy myself fabulous diamond earrings” excuse…these healing beauties protect you from electromagnetic stress. Diamond studs, drops, danglers = cell phone emanation worries be gone!

Rubies. Red, dynamic, passionate, determined. This fiery healer removes negative energy and infuses life with vitality and purpose. Rubies are the detox maven of the gemstone world, both physically and spiritually. They keep the circulatory system in balance, and they facilitate in healing emotional wounding. The strength of passionate ruby is in its dual ability to provide courage of individuality while still maintaining interconnectedness. The heart and soul seek pleasure…so do rubies.

Sapphires. Want some enlightenment? Wear a sapphire. Blue is always lovely and aids in speaking your truth, but wisdom seeking fashionistas might also don a white or purple stone to awaken their life’s purpose. Sapphires calm the physical body and release mental tension. This wise stone aligns mind, body & spirit to evoke a sense of peace and serenity while its real power is busy attracting prosperity. Job hunting? Wear a sapphire. It’s centering, protective and facilitates self-expression. Go big. Go blue.

Emeralds. Cooperative, unifying, unconditional, loyal. Sounds like a great relationship. This life-affirming stone is a ROCKing therapist…its green beauty opens the heart, strengthens integrity and ensures patience. With focused intention, a well placed emerald will bring about positive action, discernment and truth. Kind of like a daily affirmation, but sexier. It’s a true healing stone and will not just brighten your look after a late-night-out, it will detox your liver too. Regenerate. Recover. Regroup. I wear it to RE-rock my day.

Topaz. Get aligned. Get balanced. Get real. Get Topaz. This vibrantly soothing stone gently persuades you to trust your path and say “I can!” Want to ditch old baggage and witness the universe unfolding in your favor? Adorn yourself in blue topaz. Think of topaz like a supportive friend…it lifts your spirits, motivates you, reminds you to laugh and makes you feel confident even when negative energy tries to creep in. It’s a stabilizer. Topaz manifests rock-solid-always-there emotional support. So when your food cravings get the best of you, don’t beat yourself up; lean on friendly topaz to get you back on track by fortifying your metabolism and aiding digestion. Ahhh… friends.

Back to the millennia thing. Rocks have always been powerful, healing, protective and down-right sexy things. Their mesmerizing beauty intrigues us with a divine pleasure. Their ancient ability to connect us to everything that came before us and everything that will follow is what makes them truly alluring. The earliest evidence of (wo)man is shrouded in the sacred protection of talismans, healing rituals and spiritual journeys… all enhanced by precious gems. Maybe that’s why they really called it the Stone Age. The common thread between modern society and those who walked before us is that of change…geologic or otherwise. So as we seek a global connection in this fast paced world, it seems prudent to ground ourselves with something literally as solid as a rock. And seeing as I’m a relentless pleasure seeker of all things evocatively satiated in soul…shine mine up and set it in something beautiful.

About the Author

Karin McDermott is a pleasure pioneer and relentless soul seeker. She lives at the forefront of alternative thinking and guides her female clients to engage in a life inspired by her Pleasure Principles™. This philosophy of living is based on cultivating a passion for life, liberating the divine resource of the senses, and making abSOULutely™ authentic choices. Karin advocates an exploration of self through the enlightened poetics of everyday life. After all, women have 8,000 nerve endings dedicated to pleasure…why not use all of them! When she’s not cooking, blogging or cheering for her teenaged sons at volleyball matches, she is passionately involved as a Corporate Alliance Partner with Women for Women International, her Kiva Microlending Team and the TrueBodyProject. Karin vehemently believes that the world is becoming an enlightened collective consciousness…one woman at a time.

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  1. Tina on January 18, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    Great article. Rocks are definitely sexy, but I wanted to make one comment. I’m a geologist; in fact, I’m a mineralogist. This means I spend all day studying minerals. I just wanted to clarify that all gem stones are minerals, not rocks. Minerals are the things that make up rocks. I hate to be a stick in the mud, but people do this all the time. And because I LOVE minerals (gems included!), I like to make it right.

  2. Karin McDermott on January 20, 2012 at 1:54 am

    Tina…thank you for the super clarified 411 on rocks + minerals. You’re a gem (couldn’t pass that up!) Knowledge is empowHERment! Geology…very cool. Mineralogy…even cooler.

    Here’s the tweet I sent along with this blog link after reading your comments… “Let’s get to the root of rocks (umm…minerals…the sexy kind). Use precious gemstones to completely revamp your day!”

    Be well + Live passionately Tina. -Karin

  3. Tina on January 26, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    So glad you enjoyed it. I do love minerals so much! Hate to see any glory taken away from them! And, science girls rock (couldn’t pass that one up, either!).

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