Spring Bridal Trends that I Love

Love is in the air! Spring is the time of flowers, hummingbirds, and of course, gorgeous weddings! You all know I’m a wedding (and love) fanatic! I’ve been tracking my favorite trends in spring bridal fashion this year and here is a list of my top ten.


Peplum style wedding dresses are my favorite trend for gowns right now. They strike the perfect balance between classic and modern elegance. The peplum style takes the concept of the traditional bridal train and combines it with a tighter, sleeker form accentuating the hips and creating a very, very pretty result.




Soft, silky, romantic, peonies are a more luxurious and modern version of the classic rose bouquet. They’re a little bit messier and a little more relaxed, just like marriages these days. According to my sources they are the most popular bridal flower for the second year running, and I don’t see them going anywhere!




I love a bare back! This style of wedding dress has been creeping up in popularity in recent years and is now everywhere. Backless gowns are totally sexy. Like the peplum style, they combine the elegance of a classic gown structure with a modern twist. A nude back provides a gorgeous contrast to the extravagance of a gown.



ROSE GOLD Engagement rings

Rose gold is a popular choice among brides recently. It’s a pretty and youthful alternative to classic gold. Rose gold looks fantastic when paired with silver and also looks soft and beautiful against any skin tone. The rose gold engagement ring is accented with a champagne sapphire and white sapphire details.

pink ring


I’ve noticed recently that blue accents are super popular with brides. I’ve even seen a few blue dresses but I love the idea of blue shoes! It’s a gorgeous and fresh color that really mixes things up walking down the aisle.




A trend that I’m especially loving is the incorporation of jewels into dresses. As a jewelry lover and designer, it’s really awesome to see gems used in interesting ways. No woman should ever be afraid of sparkling on her wedding day!




I LOVE funky pearls and I’m seeing them everywhere this season. Brides are experimenting with different sizes, colors and configurations. It’s a really great way to spice up the traditional string of pearls. Their soft shape gives a lovely accent to gowns and an interesting contrast to the sharpness of diamonds. Below to the far right is one of my favorite necklaces – an heirloom piece commissioned by a very happy client!




These are a fabulous new way of, again, adding sparkle where there didn’t used to be. So many brides are now opting for headpieces instead of veils – and these are my favorites. They are delicate and look beautiful with both up-dos and loose hairstyles.



There you have it! Are you going to any weddings this spring? Maybe even your own? Let me know if you spot any of these great trends!

What are your favorite styles in spring bridal fashion? Comment below!


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  1. Sara on February 17, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    Where did the rose gold ring with champagne sapphire come from? I love it and want to find out where I can buy it!!!

    • Tracy on February 17, 2014 at 8:18 pm

      i sourced it though one of my vendors. I am happy to help if you would like me to help you find one.

      • Sara on February 17, 2014 at 9:45 pm

        I’d love to see it online/check it out and get a price range. My boyfriend and I are getting engaged in the upcoming months and I’ve recently fallen in love with the rose gold rings – I saw one on etsy but they only have morganite.

        • Tracy on February 17, 2014 at 9:51 pm

          Hi Sarah, I design custom rings. I can certainly help you out. That particular stone was probably about $1500-2000. They are rare so I’d probably have to source it for you. My vendors don’t feature things online as such. Because they are wholesale.

          Part of my service is sourcing stones while I am designing for a client.

          If you are interested in chatting, you can contact me https://tracymatthews.com/contact-tracy

          If you prefer to search on your own, I totally respect that. Go for it.

          Good luck and hope to hear from you!


        • Tracy on February 17, 2014 at 9:51 pm

          P.s. That particular stone is about 1 carat.

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