The Colored Diamond Guide for Alternative Brides

Colored diamonds are my favorite! Especially for engagement rings.

I just love it when a bride comes to me and say, forget the traditional white diamond, let’s go for  a colored stone

The spectrum of colored diamonds really runs the gamut from pink to blue to yellow to champagne to black….and more shades in between.

Many colored diamonds are VERY rare (like blue and pink diamonds) and let’s get serious, that’s probably why J-Lo rocked that gorgeous pink diamond for years.

My personal favorites are champagne and cognac…

In fact, I designed this 18K white gold engagement ring using a Canadian sourced Cognac Diamond. It’s stunning and very modern (perfect for an alternative bride).

Now my favorite style of colored diamonds are rose cut diamonds. Some of my favorite design projects over the past year have featured colored rose cut diamonds, like this peachy colored stone.

I love incorporating rose cut diamonds into my work, even if they’re black!

Black diamonds are a VERY alternative stone for an engagement ring.

There are even theories that black diamonds are actually from outer space. Talk about ‘out of this world’ gems! (I think we’ll pass on that idea for now)…

While traditional diamonds are valued based on the absence of color, colored diamonds are valued by their saturation, pigmentation, clarity, and vibrancy. Pretty cool, right?

As you can tell, I’m clearly obsessed with champagne and colored diamonds. But enough about me — I’d love to hear your thoughts on these rare stones!

Raise your hand! Who loves a colored diamond (as much as I do)?

Hey, so one more thing, I’d love to design something for YOU with a beautiful colored diamond. If you’re game, go here to get the process started.

xo, Tracy

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