The Inner Power and Outer Beauty of the Sapphire

There is no one who can deny the beauty of a deep blue sapphire. That is probably why they are used so often in fine jewelry. There is a distinctive glow and energy emanating from each individual gem that definitely draws us in. Most people choose sapphires because blue happens to be their favorite color, or if they were born in September, it is their birthstone. However, sapphires are becoming more and more popular for new reasons. Jewelry lovers are just beginning to realize the many unique traits that sapphires have to offer.

First, sapphires do not have to be blue. They come in a variety of colors. Yellow and green sapphires are commonly found. They may not be as rare or expensive as the other colors, but if you really like yellow or green, who has to know? On the more rare and precious end of the spectrum are pink and purple sapphires. Rarest of all natural sapphires is the, Padparadscha, a bright, striking pink-orange color that is sure to encourage eye-popping and jewelry envy.

Besides their natural beauty, sapphires have been linked to a deeper power. Throughout history they have been revered as a source of wisdom. They help align the mind, body and spirit into a state of serenity. While wearing a sapphire, you attract prosperity, release mental tension, and live more in line with your life purpose. Who could turn away all of that?

Finally, sapphires have come to represent love, commitment, and fidelity. Many people couples have had sapphires set into their engagement rings and wedding bands. A quickly growing trend is to replace the diamond in the engagement ring with a sapphire. It is more bank account friendly, there is more variety in color, and it is a great way to make your ring more unique and personal.

If you do begin looking into sapphire jewelry you will be in good company. Kate Middleton recently inherited Princess Diana’s gorgeous sapphire ring and it was definitely the talk of the jewelry world. But don’t start writing checks just because you want to be like royalty. A sapphire has the potential to be the center piece for a truly unique, colorful, and stunning piece of jewelry that you will love forever!

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