There is a full moon rising…

Lately, several clients have approached me to design custom rings with energetic, healing and magical stones. As a yoga instructor and someone who believes in the pull of energy from everywhere (yes, even the moon), I get super excited to help out with projects like these.

Late April, a sweet Parisian woman, named Melanie, emailed me about designing a magical ring for her.

Magical ring?

If I can design something with magical properties for the owner, I am all for it!

Not only did I love Melanie’s sweet energy, but also I really loved her story. Part of my design process is really getting to know my clients and, in fact, often times I take on clients because of the connection that we formed. We bonded over stories of our mothers as well as our passion for health, yoga and the Vitamix blender. I knew I just had to work with her…

Melanie came to me to design her 30th birthday ring… in lovely white and grey moonstone.

She mentioned over and over how she loved the luminosity of moonstone.
I just love the luminosity of Melanie.


I was honored when Melanie wrote this beautiful testimonial of working with me..blushing seriously…

Tracy is a magician.
The beautiful (and magical) story of the jewel designed by her started a few weeks before my 30th birthday.
I was looking for a jewel with something special.
I was looking for a jewel with a moonstone. So far: nothing exceptional. Moonstones are easily found.
I was also looking the jewel to be special by its uniqueness.
Than… I found Tracy website.
Every single page I read, every single pictures I looked, every YouTube video I watched amazed my.
She was exactly the kind of person I was looking for.
She listens to you.
And… She understands, not only what you are looking for, but also the energy you want to put in your jewel. She knows, sees, and senses the symbolic your heart feels.
When, after having read, look, and watch all of her information and resources, I contact her.
At this time, I can’t say I wasn’t wondering that the person she was actually different than all the things she share via her website and resources. I was a bit afraid to be disappointed.
Oh… Guess what happened?
Tracy is not only as she is presented through her website, and resources.
But… She is one thousand much more than that.
She is the sweetest person to work with.
She creates, and makes every dream come true.
Her fingers are magical.
Her heart is so pure, sweet and loyal to her work.
She created a pure magical, beautiful, personalized jewel.
Like I never saw before.
All my family and friends gathered around me to offer me this beautiful creation.
I wear it every single day. I sleep with it.
Everyone is astonished by it, by its simplicity, beauty, and energy…
Tracy is magical.

~ Melanie Dufey,


Designing pieces with meaning for my client is what makes me so happy and grateful for the work that I do. I am truly blessed!

So, I am curious about what other’s find magical or unique about jewelry.

I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below please answer the following question(s).

  1. What gemstones are MAGICAL for you?
  2. What milestone would you love to have a custom ring designed for?

Allow me to create some magic for you! Go here to get the process started.

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