What Would You Do if You Suddenly Could No Longer Walk?

I know, powerful thought! I wonder what I would do without the use of my legs or the lower half of my body. I am a yoga instructor and daily movement is a fundamental part of my life. If I lost the use of my legs, I lose a part of my livelihood and the thing that makes me FEEL alive, yoga and movement.

Some you may have heard, but one of my colleagues at Equinox, Corey Hill, DID lose the use of his legs in a terrible accident a few months ago. To read more about Corey’s story, go here. Unable to work, he is facing eviction and needs our help.

This past weekend, there was benefit led by Leandro, Patricia and Nadia. Even if you weren’t able to make it, you can still help.

As a bonus for you kind souls, I am offering a freebie to anyone who donates to his cause. Even if all you have is $5, please donate something. (You can skip your Starbucks for a day or two.) In honor of your generosity, I am going to give you a free 10 Minute “Letting Go” Meditation download.

Here is how you can do something REALLY amazing for someone in need and claim your free download.

1. Donate: send your donation via paypal to coreyhilldonations (at) gmail.com

2. Email me your donation receipt to me info (at) tracymatthews.com

3. I’ll send the link for the download by Friday.

Think about it, what you would do if your gift were taken away from you? Or you couldn’t walk anymore? Please pass this along to your friends and family.

Do something kind for someone else today!

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