8 Energizing Yogic Snacks

Guest Post by Katrine van Wyk


Although sticking to eating a few proper meals per day is the ideal way to go – there are situations and moments when even us yogis just need a snack! When you run straight from a long day at the office to a 7pm yoga class – you might need a little power to get you through. Or you’re going to a 7am yoga class (high five to you!) and you don’t want to eat a big meal right before class… Or maybe you’re spending the day at a yoga workshop?  Well – you’re going to need some fuel!

Here are some remarkably delicious, nutritious and portable power snacks.

Raw Veggies: celery, cucumber, jicama and carrots dipped in guacamole, hummus or a seed dips.

Fruits: Apples, pears, berries, peaches and plums are all great and very portable. Snack food as nature intended it. I love sliced granny smith apples sprinkled with cinnamon. Avoid eating too much dried fruit as they are concentrated and we usually end up eating a lot more sugar than we think.

Nuts and Seeds: Nuts and seeds are extremely concentrated foods. Think about it: they contain enough energy to grow an entire new plant! Try pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Almonds are my personal favorite – so sweet and delicious. If you can – try soaking raw almonds over night. Almonds have an enzyme-inhibiting substance in their brown coating so soaking or sprouting removes that. That makes them much easier to digest!

Smoothies: Great energy refill or small meal. Just make sure they’re made from whole foods and not sugary syrups. To add some extra power – use hemp seeds, chia seeds and some greens!

Dark Chocolate: That’s right. Chocolate is good for you. It’s packed with antioxidants! Look for at least 70% chocolate and if it’s raw – even better!

Sprouted Breads and Rice Cakes: Make an adult version of the PB&J sandwich using applesauce and almond butter or smother on some avocado, add lemon and sea salt and enjoy.

Seaweed: Now this is the wild card… Seaweed contains lots of beneficial minerals that most of us are deficient in – such as mood enhancing magnesium! Look for Sea Snacks made with Olive Oil and spices. Totally crunchy and addictive.

Larabars: Pre packed, easily available, bag friendly and convenient. Sometimes that’s just what we need. Made entirely from real fruit and nuts these are a better alternative to a lot of snack bars. They are still pretty high in sugar (because of the dried fruit) but a real treat and totally satisfying!

About Katrine:

Katrine van Wyk came to New York as a model from Norway six years ago. She left the industry soon after to complete her studies. A personal journey in challenging the conventional wisdom about dieting and nutrition led her to becoming a holistic health coach. Katrine, in rejecting one single dietary solution, uses practical coaching methods to discover what works best for her client’s health and lifestyle. She uses a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition that is more rewarding and way more fun. Working with Katrine you’ll discover what healthy means for you — absolutely no deprivation, starvation or guilt.

Katrine is a graduate from Oslo University and the New School and is currently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Website: katrinevanwyk.com
Blog: healthyjourney.tumblr.com/
Twitter: @KatrinesJourney
Facebook: facebook.com/katrinevanwyk

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