Fantasy World

Originally Published February 7, 2008

One of the most amazing realities in process of attracting desireable things into your life is to really feel that it is happening in the here and in the now. I was at dinner with my friend, Erin last night and we had a fantastic time experimenting with this!
I met Erin years ago and we came together when I began teaching her private yoga lessons. Searching for some balance and equanimity, we bonded quickly. Little did I know that this woman would be in my life, now, as one of my dearest friends. Similar in outlooks with slightly different approaches, Erin and I are true believers in manifesting our destinies. A few weeks ago we took a course in attraction together and one of the exercises is to pretend that you have all of the things you desire now and talk about it as if they are already in your life.

Last night was so great…we were making present plans for things we desire in our lives and I am starting to believe my story. I can’t believe how successful I have become-I have 10 investors knocking on my door as we speak- and seriously, my boyfriend is incredible! For now, it is my vision of my future…but just you wait and see…it will be my future! We’re goin’ on vacation!

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