Just Fine

Originally Published  February 21, 2008

“well, I like what I see when I’m lookin’ at me when I’m walkin’ past the mirror, don’t stress through the night at a time in my life, not worried bout if you feel it, got my head on straight, I got my vibe right, I ain’t gonna let you kill it, cuz’ I wouldn’t change my life, my life its just fine….” -MJB
Mary J couldn’t say it better could she? I have been obsessed with this song since I first “really” heard it in dance class on Christmas Eve. Something about the heavy rotation of the song, a crowded dance class full of expert dancers (except for me) and an inspirational and incredibly, hilariously, talented teacher really pounded this into my head…that yes, there are things that I desire and would like to have….but my life is great right here right now.

Since I decided to make 2008 the year of manifestation and conscious intention, I have really started by taking a step back and REALLY looking at how great I have it. My life is fantastic!- more than JUST FINE and when I realize that I am truly and 100% grateful for all of my experiences (including the horribly devastating ones), it has made it significantly easier to move forward a take a look at myself and my impact on the people around me.

So maybe my salary is not up to par or that account that I have been dying to land is still on the fence or mr. perfect is waiting to meet me or come around, I feel comfort in knowing that with gratitude and conscious intent anything can happen….hey, within a few hours of affirming my celebrity clients, Orlando bought something, so surely this is possible in all areas of any of our lives.!

Most importantly- our lives are just fine, right here right now and we are all exactly where we need to be even if it seems less than savory at the time. Time to Celebrate!

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