Big Changes, Facing Fears, and Taking Leaps!

So, What have I been up to Anyway?

One of my yoga students asked me why I hadn’t been sending out newsletters lately. I feel like I have failed a little bit. However, all for good work.

I have been making some big changes! Facing Fears! Taking Leaps!

I have made a decision to scale back a bit on my yoga-teaching schedule in order to make some space for some “newness” in my life. I want you all to know that I still love you and I will really miss you terribly. But, I’ll be around. Come visit me at Equinox Soho and 19th.

Here is it is….

Launching something completely new to me!

As many of you know, I have been designing jewelry for about 20 years. It’s my passion, my love and my first business failure. After many years of trying to find an outlet to share what I learned (and what I did wrong), I am so excited to announce my newest venture: Flourish & Thrive Academy. My dear friend and biz partner, Robin Kramer, are launching our first online program to teach jewelry designers how to become biz savvy. Learn more about “Laying the Foundation.”

Make sure you check out our free training if you are a jewelry designer.

Designing some gorgeous jewels…

I have been having some fun this summer. I have had the blessing to create a gorgeous Mother’s Necklace and some stunning rose-cut diamond studs. The piece-de-résistance: an incredible redesign of a sapphire and diamond engagement ring set with heirloom family stones. My favorite kind of design!

I almost forgot my last ode to summer: an insane set of statement earrings with rose gold, turquoise and diamonds.

Meeting new Friends and Writing, Writing, Writing…

My friend, Marthe Hagen is an amazing writer. She recently featured me on her blog, The Freedom Experiment. You can read my post about 8 Life Lessons, Gracefully Learned ~Advice to My Younger Self.

She is an amazing writer. I highly recommend reading her post of 55 Ways to Take care of Yourself When You are Busy Busy Busy.

Traveling quite a bit

My summer has been filled with travel: San Francisco and Portland to begin with. I spent several weekends out in the Hamptons. One of the highlights was a great weekend with some friends in Hudson, NY. We had fun Vintage Jewelry Shopping and eating some amazing food.

Well that’s about it. Tell me what you have been up to! Leave your reply in the comments below.


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