Removing Obstacles

Originally Published September 24, 2008

Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Nama

A sacred chant offered up the the elephant headed deity, Ganesh or Ganapatai. Cha

nting this phrase over and over is considered a pathway to removing obstacles and reaching the fullest potential, in spirit, in prosperity and in success.

Most of us have prayed in one form or another to take away the things that are holding us back. Usually these things are within our own heads-self doubt, self destructive behavior, constant worry, critical judgements about ourselves and others, not feeling worthy of what we ultimately desire and want in our lives- and the list goes on. Ganesha, the elephant headed deity, represents success, prosperity and peace in all of our endeavors. He is know to be the remover of obstacles in our lives. By invoking Ganesh, it is said to remove the physical and mental blocks that prevent us from reaching our full potential for love, success and abundance. In addition, Ganesh is also the life of the party wherever he goes!

I recently purchased this Hip Hip album that is mixed with sacred chants by leading Kirtan singer call Elephant Power, by MC yogi…I love it…and it cracks me up listening to these hip hop beats with samples from artists such as Bhagavan Das, Jai Uttal and Krishna Das…cracks me up and makes me want to sing out loud…

Jai Ganesha! Rub your belly, breathe away the obstacles and receive what you desire!

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