The Big Reveal: The Flourish & Thrive Classroom in Kenya

When I got on the call last September, Stu and Amy told us the trip was postponed.

My heart sank.

I’d been so looking forward to meeting the children and seeing the the school just a month later in October.

But political unrest due to an unsettled election put our group at risk of not having guides or any children at the school.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to make the trip in July this year…however…

It’s been a long journey and it’s finally here: the Flourish & Thrive Classroom in Kenya!

And I couldn’t have done this without your generous donations and contributions.

Back in the Fall/Winter of 2015 | 2016, my mentor approached our mastermind group about building a school in Kenya together with World Teacher Aid.

My hand was the first to go up!

Education is something that’s extremely important to me. I even built an entire academy dedicated to business education in the jewelry industry.

As an entrepreneur, one of my core values is to make a difference in the world.

Sometimes that’s re-purposing a cherished family heirloom or helping a client out with the perfect commissioned engagement ring.

Often times it’s educating and mentoring a designer or showing them the shortest path to success as a jewelry entrepreneur..

Or even on a personal level, showing my nieces and nephews the power of confidence and owning your talents.

Even though I can’t be in Kenya to mentor the students, it’s so exciting to me that our school and classroom is finally built!

Thanks to you’ve were able to raise over $8,000 to help fund a classroom in the school.

The “Flourish & Thrive” Arts & Crafts room is a part of Sun Marco, the 10th school built by World Teacher Aid and is now finally open!

Here is the video we used to promote the fundraiser, but most importantly, let’s see the progress they’ve made…

A special shout out to my friends Chad and Cari Collins for snapping these pictures, since I had to cancel my trip due to political unrest in October.

I hope it’s just as awesome for you to see the lives you are changing with your donation.

Your donation is making a profound impact in the lives of these children.

I’m just so excited to be a part of this and I’m ready to build my second classroom soon!

Thank you for your participation in helping me build this school especially our donors:

Tisha Abrahamsen
Nicole Barker
Tracy Campoli
Ashley Clark
Lisa Cole
Melanie Cornejo
Erica Delorme
Christina Diego
Kimberly Fox
Kristi Harris
Carolyn Herfurth
Sally How
Connie Kakkar
Robin Kramer
Justin Krane
Pat and James LaGraffe
Rosemary Miller
Jodi Salob
Tina Setzer
Carrie Tahler
Morgan Tarr
Barbara Wall
Laura Wallis
Carlie Willard

Learn more about World Teacher Aid. Your ongoing donations help keep the school running long after they’re built!


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